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  1. Hi dear Pageline community,   I have a multilingual website using the qtranslate plugin and pagelines pro. i created a child theme. the site is at christinabernier.com   my problem is that the links from the features and the boxes will point to the default language of the site (which is french) so english speaking users are always forwarded back to the french page.   here are exemples: http://christinabernier.com/en if you click on one the boxes you are directed to the french version...   I read the following topic but it is not doing anything on my site... http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/22544-using-url-in-boxes-and-feature-with-qtranslate/?hl=qtranslate   could you help?   thank you
  2. Hi, Please would you tell me how to make links on carousel images open in a new window? - thanks in advance
  3. Hi: I just upgraded to Pagelines 2.4.2 from PlatformPro 1.6. I changed my menus to the new Fixed NavBar which works great except for one issue...the top level of my dropdown menus no longer works (if any of them have submenus). I have the top menu configured to go to a landing page on some of them and then subbmenus underneath to go directly to areas within that heading. However, when I hover over the top levels that have the submenus, instead of showing the actual configured link, they show http://{mywebsite}/#m1, http://{mywebsite}/#m2, etc. The submenus show the actual links and are functional. The top level links configured with submenus used to work in PlatformPro standard menus. I have tested this with different browser types and see the same issue. I also tested to see if I see this issue using the Nav Classic menus and I don't (the top level links work fine just like in PlatformPro). Here is a link to our site: http://byc.org/ Is this by design for the NavBar in PageLines or is this abnormal? What is confusing is that the "select hand" mouse cursor remains active over these non-functional links indicating to users that they can click on them, but when they do, nothing happens. I am currently on WordPress 3.4.2 (multi-user) with 14 networked sites and am getting ready to upgrade to 3.5.1. I have the following plugins currently activated and all are at their latest versions: Akismet, version 2.5.7 All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely, version 1.10-standard Awesome Flickr Gallery, version 3.3.6 Exec-PHP, version 4.9 Gravity Forms, version 1.7.3 Gravity Forms PayPal, version 1.7 Unfiltered MU, version 1.3.1 WP-Members, version 2.8.2 This is a hosted site on Windows Server: Windows 2008 R2 Web PHP 5.3.10 mySQL 5.1.6 IIS 7.5 I would prefer to continue using the fixed NavBar, but would like the top level links to work if possible. Thanks for any insite you can provide. [email protected]
  4. I have three Boxes on my home page — each one is a specific service. I'd like to have each of the Box Titles take me to the same page but different sections in the content marked with <h3> headings. How would I write the code and where?
  5. Missing Links menu

    I'm missing the "links" menu on one of my sites (multisites). The menu is available in my other sites. I'm using Framework 2.4.1. Am I missing something?
  6. Hi there Nick. I am wondering if you have any solution for the way in which the links in the RSS feed widget navigate away from my site, as opposed to opening a new tab. I am not sure whether this is the case with other widgets, as I've only noticed it with the RSS thus far. I love the plugin, otherwise, it's just what I've been looking for. Apologies in advance if this is beyond simple to fix. I am not au fait with things, as of yet. Much thanks, Rudi O'Neil
  7. i have a problem regarding perma links structure with pages. if you see this structure on www.seomatrix.de (click a content from left nav bar) you see its http://www.seomatrix.de/suchmaschinenoptimierung/index.php the index.php is also a page we use and we set a lot of links to it, so we need this page and could not be renamed, do you have an idea how we can copy site links structure to the new pagelines based project located in www.seomatrix.eu? there are also other subpages in for example http://www.seomatrix.de/suchmaschinenoptimierung/other-filename.php
  8. When I create a link in Edit Page mode, the link looks fine in the 'insert/edit link' popup box, but when published, my website url and /links/ is added. So instead of website.org, the link opens with mywebsite.com/links/website.org. Thanks for any help.
  9. I want to put links in my header (like the masterhead) but with links in specifc places. I am am using a vector image and want to link for example the apple on the ground.
  10. Hi There I having problems with social media icons in the header of this site: http://koruhealing.co.nz/ When trying to click on facebook, linkedin and google+ icons when I hover over them the light flicks around and when I click on one most of the time it connects me to one of the other ones Any ideas on how I can fix this? many thanks
  11. Hello guys, Well, I hope someone can help me with this. I've been trying to find a solution for more than weeks and here I am... The thing is: I have a fanpage for my website with more than 140k fans. As every website owner I share links from my website on the fanpage so as to get more traffic. Eveything seems to work fine. However, for theses fans who make use of Facebook App on their iOS (whatever the version is) something weird happens. Everytime they try to open a link I share, the Facebook App builtin browser shows a blank page. So, these guys cannot read what I share and it has been terrible. I've had a look at other websites and everything works fine. So, I guess this might be something related to iBlogPro5 (the theme I use on my website). To avoid this problem, I've been telling my readers to click on that icon that asks them whether they want to open the link on Safari (or any other browser they may have set as standard). Can someone please give a hint about that? What might seem to be the problem? Is it a code on the them? Is it a Facebook App thing? Anyway, any help will be more than welcome. Thanks, Denilso.
  12. adding links

    my website has a lovely "Visit Our Friends" section which i presume i can customise and add links to (to colleagues websites other sites of interest); just can't see how to do it... my other wordpress site (http://dbstudios-shanghai.com) has a similar function (Blogroll) & the backend has a a very Links section where i add the URLs but with my Page Lines site (http://psychotherapy-shanghai.com) there is nothing in sight!!! any help gratefully received
  13. Outgoing Links Issue -

    When I add an external link (to facebook, twitter ect) the link itself ends up becoming my sites address w/ the actual like I wanted to go to appended at the end. Example: I want to go to twitter.com but the live link reads & then directs to: www.undercurrentcoaching.com/www.twitter.com Any fix pls! Thanks Rachel
  14. Hello pageliners, I am using the fluid grid system to place some boxes in a full width sidebar. They have some css sprite functionality, but when I add an a href to the span3 it takes up the whole line. When removed all the boxes are back onto one line. How can I accomplish this without the spacing issue? test.discoveryoutsourcing.com Thanks all. Tim
  15. My top menu links don't work; only my submenu links do. Please see screenshot for visual description.
  16. If you look at the old version of our website with PlatformPro (http://thewinesyndicate.ca) and the new version (http://thewinesyndicate.ca/ab/) with PageLines Framework, the spacing between the links in the sidebars is different. How can I adjust that in Pagelines to make it the same as in PlatformPro?
  17. Today users noticed that our banner image and sidebar images are not showing any longer, only the text description. Also download links to WP media content are returning 404 errors. Any idea where to look? No new plugins or updates.
  18. I am trying to add a footer with 7 linked icons. What is the best way to do this? I do not know code. The latest "try" was adding the Footer Columns Sidebar to the Morefoot any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. I can't find the css selectors to change the box behind the links in the feature slider. It looks like it's .fexcerpt but it shows no background image or style. I really want to just have the link be a color which I did (and tried to fix the background with "none" but it didn't work): #feature_slider .fcontent, #feature_slider .fcontent a { color: #a9d130; text-decoration: none; text-size: .85em; line-height: 1.4em; background: none; }