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  1. i have a problem regarding perma links structure with pages. if you see this structure on www.seomatrix.de (click a content from left nav bar) you see its http://www.seomatrix.de/suchmaschinenoptimierung/index.php the index.php is also a page we use and we set a lot of links to it, so we need this page and could not be renamed, do you have an idea how we can copy site links structure to the new pagelines based project located in www.seomatrix.eu? there are also other subpages in for example http://www.seomatrix.de/suchmaschinenoptimierung/other-filename.php
  2. Hi all. So, I have three bucket boxes underneath a slider and rather then just have the Title of each box be the linked element, I'd like the entire box div to be hot so that you can mouse over it, slight subtle b/g change to indicate its clickable and then if you click on it, will take you to the same link that is set in the box link field. My example site in-progress: http://www.virtually-anywhere.com/wp/ I'd rather not have to use images here, to replicate the nice boxes I've made. Possible? -Chris