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  1. I purchased a single user pro license and installed the theme on my WP site. However, none of the pro functionality is turned on. When I click the Activate button, I get sent to a Paglines page to buy a new license. I have checked my email conformations and receipt, but the code is not on that. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  2. [Solved] move Pro license?

    Hi, I'm not handing off to a client - we had MAJOR server issues and migrated to StudioPress - so I need to deactivate my license on our old copy of the site so I can use it on our new copy of the site. I tried disconnecting my account, but it didn't give my my Pro license back to use...is there just a lag? Thanks! Jennifer
  3. Can't find DMS Pro License key

    I need to find my DMS Pro License key but I can't find it in my account. Does anyone know where to find it? Thanks in advance, Martijn
  4. Hi, The pro license swapping has been introduced in the past weeks. The "release" button (to remove a pro license from a certain website) is not working though. I need to work on the new website though and I can't swap the license from maximilianduschl.com to duschl-zeltverleih.de. Can you please help me on this? Max
  5. Hi I used PL5 Pro on a dev site, I have gone live and now want to connect the live site to PL5 Pro. I submitted a support request to disconnect the dev domain and I got the following reply " Done, I've added another domain for you as well so you can do local dev... " However nothing has updated, on the live site it says "0 of 1 total Pro licenses available in your account (Grandfathered)". I have tried refreshing the PL account on my site but no change. I replied to the support email saying it's still not working and I've not had a reply after 4 days even after following up. Any help would be appreciated. There has got to be a better way of releasing licences, this is a nightmare at the moment.
  6. Intranet

    The site I am building is behind a company intranet firewall and I cannot log in normally to validate my developer account. This limits my functionality quite a bit. Is there a way to validate my license and add extensions, plugins, etc... without a connection to the internet?