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  1. BJ Lazy Load vs Lazyloader

    Hi I've switched to a VPS server and had all kinds of issues with RAM and my site generally seems to burn resources with even minimal traffic. It goes offline during peak traffic spikes. As such Ive tried loads of methods to get the load per visit down, decreasing the number of plugin, installing wp-super-cache and trying to remember to resize images before uploading. I've currently got BJ Lazy Loader installed to delay loading things until scrolled to. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bj-lazy-load/ but I noticed Pagelines has its own version Lazyloader. I'm not sure if you can answer this question but I wondered which is better to use both in terms of resource use and visitor experience? Is a "native" pagelines plugin going to use less resources than installing an additional BJ Lazy Load plugin through wordpress? Do they both perform the same functions? Thanks in advance for any help with speeding up my site and getting the SQL queries per visit down (currently about 130). Neil http://www.musiclikedirt.com