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  1. Layout Width Not Saving

    I can't seem to keep the page width that I set in the editor. I publish the changes, but the width stays at its original setting.
  2. Hello Pagelines,   Although, I have done a few wordpress sites, I have only done one with Pagelines and the default template/layout I used was the full width layout.   I have recently been asked to do a new site for a friend and it needs a full width slider to go under the header/branding & navigation section, but then it needs a right sidebar to go under the full width slider and to the right of the content.   When I looked at my availabvle layout options I see several right column layout options, but none that allow for a full width slider...  I am sure that this is an easy fix, but again I am still fairly new to all this.   I am attaching a wireframe to what I am looking to do.   I really appreciate any guideance you can provide me here.   Thanks, Scott    
  3. Why does my layout editor look totally screwed? Just taken me all afternoon to work out why Features were being weirdly cropped - to do with the Layout Editor...need to adjust the pixel dimensions of the columns, except the thing is knackered...anyone help please?     
  4. Is there are a way within the Framework to limit the types of pages that the Magazine Layout displays? For example, I would like the Magazine Layout to appear on the Blog and Category Pages, but show the Blog Layout Mode (only full-width post excerpts) on Search Results and Archive Pages.   Can this be done using a hook, or at all?   Thanks.
  5. Custom Layout

    I need to setup a template so that has left, center and right column boxes but below the left and center columns have a full width sidebar below. The full width sidebar cannot go across the right column. (See image below). Are there any suggestions on how I best go about doing this and make user friendly?
  6. Hi, I'm currently using the single sidebar layout globally. I'd like to have images/widgets span the entire sidebar up top, but below that, I'd like the sidebar to be split into two colums/sidebars so each image or widget takes up half of the sidebar. Is this possible? I've searched the forum without luck. Thanks for your help. Jess www.MakeAndDoGirl.com
  7. I am having the darndest time figuring this one out. My website looks fine and everything is in position when my browser is in full screen mode. But whenever I minimize or adjust the size of the browser, suddenly everything stacks on top of each other and my menu items disappear. Can anyone tell me how I fix this so everything stays in position and scroll bars will appear instead? Thanks! www.trifuse.org
  8. Column Layout?

    Wondering how a person would layout the drag & drop sections to get a full height column in the right 1/3 of a page? IDEA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3tllkxdml69ti9q/BoxLayout.png Yes - I see the "Grid System" but the idea is to use SECTIONS, not just to format static content. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks! - Chris
  9. Hello, I updated to platform pro 1.6 after creating a child theme. Unfortunately my sidebar is being pushed down below the content on my main blog page - shackvalley If I click to view the individual blog post, the sidebar is in the correct location. -My layout editor is currently working after being dead for some time. -I have made enough space in layout editor to accommodation all that is in the sidebar. -I have deactivated and deleted any plug-ins that changed recently including AddThis Thanks for any input. I know this is an old version and I hope to update to frameworrks when possible. Dave
  10. I've been trying to work this out for two days and am just baffled. I would like my custom post type archives to display using the same style as categories. Here's what a category listing looks like on my site. This display is also working for all http://www.village-art-antiques.com/mapregions/europe/ However the listing for the archive of all posts that belong to the custom post type "antique maps" - looks like this: I'd really like it to use the same style as the category and custom taxonomires. In particular, although I'm pulling featured images which are large, they are getting resized. http://www.village-art-antiques.com/antiquemap/ I'm using the Views plugin, and this is what the view code looks like. Featured images should be displaying larger. I can't figure out how to get that. Is there a way to tell this to use same style as the other page. [wpv-layout-start] [wpv-posts-found] <!-- wpv-loop-start --> <table width="100%"> <wpv-loop wrap="2" pad="true"> [wpv-item index=1] <tr><td>[wpv-post-featured-image]<br>[wpv-post-link]<br>[wpv-post-excerpt]</td> [wpv-item index=other] <td>[wpv-post-featured-image]<br>[wpv-post-link]<br>[wpv-post-excerpt]</td> [wpv-item index=2] <td>[wpv-post-featured-image]<br>[wpv-post-link]<br>[wpv-post-excerpt]</td></tr> [wpv-item index=pad] <td></td> [wpv-item index=pad-last] <td></td></tr> </wpv-loop> </table> ---------- And this is what Firebug is showing me on the pages where the images are sized correctly: <div class="full_img fix"> <a class="post-thumb img fix" style="width: 100%" title="Link To The Port of Calais" rel="bookmark" href="http://www.village-art-antiques.com/antiquemap/the-port-of-calais/"> <span class="c_img"> <img class="attachment-large wp-post-image" width="450" height="373" alt="FULL" src="http://www.village-art-antiques.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/bhcalaisfull.jpg"> I think I need to use one of those classes somehow, but I can't figure out where and how. I tried it like this - but that didn't work: <tr><td><div class="full_img fix">[wpv-post-featured-image]<br>[wpv-post-link]<br>[wpv-post-excerpt]</class></td> I realize this is a mix match of Views and Pagelines queries, but would be very grateful for your help!
  11. Hi! I just realized that I used the wrong site layout mode ("Responsive with Pixel Width"): This causes the page to "shrink" when the user views the page in a browser window that's smaller than the site size (1100 pixels). Means the columns of all three areas (main content area, primary siebar, secondary sidebar) are displays smaller tahn they should. That looks terible! That's why I switched to "Sttic with Pixel With" mode - that's better ... but only on desktop browsers. When you watch the site on a mobile device (smartphone), this "Static" mode causes not only a black background, but this backgroud lays partially over tho two sidebar areas! Please see the screenshot attached. The original site look you'll find here: mobiwatch.de So my question is: is this a bug? Or how can I make Pagelines show a static page that looks good on mobile devices, too? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello! Guys, I've just found out that my site is not showing the sidebars in the right place of the page, they are showing bellow the post and the green page background i've added is not working, the Social icons are shown in the opposite side as well. If you open the site using Chrome or Mozilla there is no problem, the issue happens only with IE. The version i used for test was IE9. http://desenv.intesys.com.br Thanks in advanced.
  13. hey guys, how can i decrease the huge space between blog posts in magazine layout mode ? tried using firebug on this one - but didn't help link: http://www.agenturfactory.de/FACTORY_2012/ thanks for your feedback!
  14. LAYOUT

    So. I have a text widget in the primary sidebar which is place in SB1 (sidebar 1). I want to move it to the right and give it a lot of breathing room between the main column and SB2. This is a mockup of what I am attempting to achieve: http://imgur.com/vSqdi (fig 1) This is the specific problem: http://imgur.com/UQH8K (fig 2) As you can see, the text, which will eventually be built to resemble the "Cheat Sheet" in figure 1, must be moved to the right. Do I work with the padding and margins in #1 The text widget itself #2 The sidebar widget, or #3 SB! Thank you.
  15. Layout Not Working Well

    Hi, i have this problem.. i would like to use all the width of a web page.. i sey 1340 pixel and full width section.. but, looks like the allignment in not centred.. is less on the left that on the right and more...
  16. Please take a look at http://carinafeldman.com/ana/ and tell me what I'm doing wrong, I've run out of things to try here... I'd like the block of text on the home page to be CENTERED on the page, both vertically and horizontally, no matter how the browser window gets resized. Someone has suggested I try this is the HTML for that block of text: <div class="frontpgblock"> <p class="dateblock"><span id="thursday">THURSDAY</span> <span id="twentyeight">28</span> <span id="march">MARCH</span> <span id="twentythirteen">2013</span></p> <p class="main-paragraph"><span id="anaalex">ANA &amp; ALEX</span> <span id="aregetting">ARE GETTING</span> <span id="married">MARRIED</span></p> </div> and this is the CSS I wrote for it. What's highlighted in red is what I tried last (at someone's suggestion) but it doesn't work either: .frontpgblock { position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; margin-left: -400px; margin-top: -100px !important; } .dateblock { align:center; font-family:Montserrat; float:left; display:inline; border-right:0.3em solid black ; padding-right:0.7em; } .main-paragraph { align:center; padding-left:0.7em; font-family:Montserrat; float:left; display:inline; } #thursday { font-size:2em; line-height:1em; } #twentyeight { font-size:10em; line-height:0.85em; } #march { font-size:3em; line-height:1em; } #twentythirteen { font-size:5.2em; line-height:0.9em; } #anaalex { font-size:6.75em; color:red; line-height:0.75em; } #aregetting { font-size:6em; line-height:1.1em; } #married { font-size:8.5em; line-height:0.7em; } What do I need to do?? Thank you...
  17. Page layout problem

    I'm not sure what happen, this is the screen capture from my client's computer, IE 9 Windows7 pro. I check on my computer using Bootcamp on mac and it seems to be fine. Any idea what it is making the layout shifting like this. Help!!
  18. I want to have a slider fill two thirds of my page width, with a sidebar to the right of it. So far I've come to the conclusion that this can't be done, but I'm happy to be proven wrong. I would prefer to do this with the the Kenburn slider, however it's not responsive and therefore useless in my opinion. I'd prefer not to have to drop as far down as using a carousel unless I absolutely have to. Thanks Andy
  19. Is it possible to change the layout dimensions for a specific page? Currently, from what I can tell, the only way to edit the dimensions of the layout is to use the layout dimensions editor in Site Options -> Layout Editor. I have a two-column layout set as the default. I'd like to use that same layout for a specific page, but with different dimensions defined. In this case, the only thing I want to change is the width of the layout & width of the sidebar. Would my best route be to edit the CSS? Or is there another setting somewhere else I'm missing?
  20. Editor problems

    Hi, I am having trouble understanding why, when using the editor, the content doesn't stack properly? When doing it in the VISUAL window, the content does not stack properly which makes it hard to visual layout a basic page. When using HTML, it looks perfect except that the actual final page doesn't have the last row of images followed by the content properly rendering. I have attached three jpgs showing Visual - HTML - rendered page. This happens on every page of the site which makes it a nightmare to edit the content. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks! Mitch
  21. Here is the real case: http://bitmap.sciamanna.eu I've enabled a fixed top menu to the site, but I see an extra 50px top padding added by /wp-content/themes/pagelines/pagelines-compiled-css-1_1348751764/ To be more precise: body.navbar_fixed .page-canvas { padding-top: 50px; } I know I could disable it from custom CSS, but I believe that this must be disabled by pagelines itself when fixed menu is enabled.
  22. My site is www.thesoundation.org. You can have a look www.soundation.org/wp-admin The margin adjustments in the layout editor are not working. I have deactivated all plugins. -Cameron
  23. Hi there, just hoping someone could save me trawling through the code to find the responsive breakpoints. Would just want to tweak the fluid width percentages a little and make the break around 1000px a little less severe. Warm regards, David p.s developing locally so cant show ya...