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  1. How can i add a flag in NavBar?

    Hi there, How can i add a flag in NavBar for let the people to choose which languages use on the site. .com (italian) .com/en(english) .com/ru(russian) www.aaabuyitaly.com Thanks for fast reply:)
  2. Translation issues

    Hi forum! I am trying to have the PageLines theme framework translated into Danish. Therefore I have downloaded the current translation from the translations center page. I have also downloaded and activated the PageLines Customize plugin from the PageLines framework. There were no 'languages' folder in that theme, so I've added it (which makes the path /wp-content/plugins/pagelines- customize/languages) I've added the language .po-file which was exported using the site. I've renamed it to 'da_DK.po'. It still doesn't work - what am I doing wrong? (the site isn't very clear on this, unfortunately). I also saw that on the page, where PageLines announced the translation feature (*), there was a suggestion to split translations between front- and back end. How is this done? The progress in the Danish translation is very low and it doesn't make sense to translate the back end, as every Dane speaks English. Furthermore I've added a bunch of translations, but they seem to need to be approved. I have a journalism degree, so my Danish is flawless. Can I somehow approve them? (it doesn't seem like there are a lot of Danes using PageLines - at least there's not a lot using the translation framework). Furthermore, how do I make sure that the translations I have already made (but hasn't been approved yet) are included in the downloaded file? (*) http://www.pagelines.com/translation-localization-center/ Thanks in advance!