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  1. hi there, i am trying to use a different then the page line-feature-slider. some with layers like royal slider or revolution slider. both dont work with pagelines. with firebug i get the following error concerning script.bootstrap.min.js, that comes with pagelines-theme. TypeError: a("body").on is not a function can you help me with it? frank
  2. I've searched all the forums but can't find the simple answer to what I think is a simple question (but then I am new to this so I think everything is simple until it shows me it is not!) I think I have a JQuery conflict with plugins, as a Password Strength meter has suddenly stopped working after I added some functionality on anew page. so I think need to call a couple of Scripts only on a single page - in this case page 119. - to stop the Conflict. Normally if I was hand-coding I would put this in the headerscipt section of the individual page, but with Pagelines We are encouraged to use the headerscripts section under Site Options > custom Code. I have typed this simple bit of php in the header-section but it still seems to call it on every page..... Any ideas what I am doing wrong. <?php if(is_page('119')){ ?> <!-- the path for the library --> <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.9.1.js"></script> <script src="http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.10.3/jquery-ui.js"></script> <?php } ?> URL is http://www.focusforhumanity.org
  3. I've created a responsive full screen background that cycles through background images, as well as through slides in the center of the main column on the homepage. To do this, I wrote some jquery that removes the supersized background on the home page only (which is working), and included some markup for a slideshow to work on the home page. You can see the markup in <div id="background"> just after the body tag. In the header is the 'cycle2.js' script (I'm using cycle2 by Malsup). I have this all working here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/comra5j But, for some reason, incorporating it into my pagelines site is not working (it is the exact copy of my provided example)—and there don't seem to be any conflicts with jquery or any errors in the inspector. http://preview.tinyurl.com/ch8tvg6 Hoping someone can shed some light as to how I might debug this issue. Thanks
  4. Smooth scroll to anchor

    Hi - I'm trying to setup smooth scrolling within a single page (when use clicks a link the page smoothly scrolls to the anchor location). Is there a preferred method to do this with JQuery? Thanks, Graham
  5. Hi, I'm using PageLines 2.4 to develop a site located presently at: http://s4977.sites.pressdns.com/ I'm working with my developer to integrate a web form that uses a php include and jQuery validate. What I'm trying to do: - I want to be able to use the form throughout the site on different pages, on a sidebar, landing pages, and occasionally on a blog post. - I want to use a template bases approach vs. manually adding the custom form code each time - Since the form uses php (and other code) it can't be simply cut/pasted in an html area and work I've tested adding the form to the home page of the site above using a PageLines content section. That gets the job done but it seems like it could be setup with a template or include to be added quickly elsewhere. Perhaps a custom PageLines section? My last point is the crux of my question. What's the best way to integrate this form with PageLines? My developer is familiar with WordPress but not PageLines. I would appreciate any ideas or feedback. Thanks very much. ~ julian form.php
  6. Hello, I'm not sure, if the problem I'm having right at this moment, is a specific pagelines-problem. But when I opend my site today there was this alert at the top of the site: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /jquery-1.6.3.min.js on this server. I've made a screenshot: Has anyone an idea, what happend? The last time I was on the site, there wasn't any problem. Thank you!
  7. Hi, We have used the JQuery Accordion Menu Widget https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/jquery-vertical-accordion-menu with no problems for almost a year now but the plugin stopped working as it should (we think this happened when we upgraded to Wordpress 3.5). The menu used to drop down on click as an accordion would but now the menu just runs all the way down the page and no longer opens up or closes. This can be seen on our website at: http://scubadivergirls.com/scuba-blog/ Any thought or assistance is greatly appreciated
  8. Hi guys, I'm new at this and was wondering if you could help me with a problem I'm experiencing with Jquery. I installed the plugin Nicescroll and I love the way it looks but unfortunately it came with some side effects, it interfered with some other plugins and it hid all my site backgrounds. When I disactivate Nicescroll everything returns back to normal. Is there anything coming to your mind I could try or should I just look for another plugin? Thank you, appreciate it!
  9. I am having a problem with a custom slider i am trying to add into a page on pagelines. When ever i add all the code into the page, it does not display it. Here is a link to the page http://net-heads.co.uk/demo4/127-2/ I am using the Code from the liteAccordion Plugin here: https://github.com/nikki/liteAccordion The main page for the plugin is http://nicolahibbert.com/demo/liteAccordion/ I have got it working locally in just a HTML Document, But whenever i place it in the site. It never seems to work, Can anyone provide any assistance? Is it a conflict with the Jquery in Pagelines or WordPress, and if so how can i work around it?
  10. Hello, Recently I've found a tutorial that shows how to design a website with a really simple page scrolling effect using jquery. I wonder if this can be used in pagelines to add some simple content inside a page. It would be really cool! Please if you have some little time, visit the site of the tutorial, it is very short. http://blog.entheosw...with-css-jquery Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi, I'm newbie and I'm trying to implement an onmouseover-effect on images (fade-in and fade-out) just like the HCC-sticker on the following page: http://www.hichert.c...erungen/berater I would like to use the tooltips from walter zorn but didn't found any information about 1) if it works with pagelines and 2) how to implement it in pagelines. Would be thankful for any help....
  12. jQuery and JavaScript

    Hello pagelines, I want to create an effect where text pops-up when I hover over icons. I'm guessing it would be initialized via a javascript. Where would I place this javascript in my pagelines framework. ellelothlorien.com fyi. The main images should have text appear when you hover. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Tim
  13. Hi! I'm adding a jquery file to enable certain page transitions. I'm supposed to wrap all of the content on a page in a div. How do I do that with Pagelines?