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  1. Hi Nick, Thanks so much for this plugin.  I'm starting to dig in and have tried to add carousels in two sites, one using tags for jigoshop products and another using categories for a wiki plugin.  I'm not getting any errors, but there are no images, so can only assume I'm doing something wrong.  Featured images are set for all. Gardening Website: http://organically.us/wiki/predators/ I have shortcode inserted to show subwikis for predatory insects (category), but no images display.  Plugin for Wiki is inscub_wiki, named my wiki posts "Wikis". Post type has been named "inscub_wiki" and also tried "wiki" in the shortcode.  Shortcode added is: [ba-postcarousel speed="400" slideshow="false" delay="5000" number="20" category="predators" post-type="wiki" orderby="ID" order="ASC" showtitle="true" showimg="true" showexcerpt="false" thumbsize="thumbnail" itemwidth="250"] Jewelry Website:  http://theartisanjewelry.com/product/rose-quartz-pink-pearls-silver/ I have shortcode to show other products of the same gemstones (tags), but no images display.  The plugin is jigoshop, and the post types should just be "product".    Shortcode added is: [ba-postcarousel speed="400" slideshow="false" delay="5000" number="5" tag="rose-quartz" post-type="product" orderby="ID" order="ASC" showtitle="true" showimg="true" showexcerpt="false" thumbsize="medium" itemwidth="400"] The code seems to be working, but the custom post types are not getting hooked in, I think.  Maybe I missed a box or something?  I'll keep trying, but hoping there is something you can clue me in on. Also, I was looking at your better carousel plugin and wanted to know how that is different or better than the BAS plugin, because I'm really trying to insert a carousel in the posts right now. Thanks so much! Jan  
  2. hello humans.  i am having an issue in regard to changing my default image size for my jigoshop product page. i have done around 3 hours of research via the world wide web and none of the suggestions i stumbled across have helped resolve my issue.    i have edited my image settings in jigoshop....no luck i have regenerated my thumbnails after editing my image settings in jigoshop....no luck i have added custom css to my pagelines framework....no luck i have selected all available crop options in the jigoshop image settings and regenerated thumbs again....no luck   it seems that no matter what i do i cannot seem to get the default 150x150 image size for the product page to change to the size i desire. please help.    (also) i would like to know if you can change the "all products" header on my jigoshop "shop" page.    any and all helpful transmissions will be held with the highest regard from myself and for the others of my species whom inhabit your beautiful planet. humans unite! 
  3. JigoShop

    Hi All, Just installed JigoShop all seems to be well but i cant seem to see or enable product image, had a route round on here and on the jigo site but still no joy. Basically the right hand box that i am presuming should be under the tags box is not there i have read on these forums some people have added code to there functions.php file is this still needed or should it now be working with version 1.6.0 which i am running. Regards, Grant
  4. I've installed jigoshop + pagelines-jigoshop . All are in the latest version. Everything is great except if there is no product found. such as didn't add any product in "Dogs" category , then visit the Dogs category. If so, by default, it will show No products found which match your selection. But , you will find the sidebar drop under the content area. I think it is because the markup wrap is not change so everything breaks. Please help us to correct this. Thanks a lot.
  5. I am SO happy with almost everything in my rad Pagelines Pro site except the stupid product archive template dealie. All I need to do is check the "hide highlight" option on Product Archive- Basic Template and have it actually work. I've tried disabling plugins. Doesn't change a dadblammed thing. I'm using a base theme- does that matter? Please help me. This is making me a wee bit crazy. Bree **EDIT- so, I found that I can hide the highlight on each individual product page (pain in the butt!) but it would be lovely if the template options actually worked. Will it ever? Please and thanks B
  6. Simple Login Plugin

    attention humans: i am trying to locate a plugin that is simple for my visitors to use. i am currently using the newest version of jigoshop for pagelines and i do not like making my potential members going through a 8 step process to simply become a registered (jigoshop) member of my website (login, email, re-login, change password, dashboard access, backend website access, etc etc etc). i have instructed my drones to scour the web for info regarding this topic.....they have failed...and have since been destroyed. their human electronic data decoding mainframes are clearly in need of a complete re-callobration. until that time i am in desperate need of your help. HUMANS: THE SURVIVAL OF MY SPECIES RESTS FULLY UPON YOUR COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE. Unite! And the multiverse may grant your wildest dreams. -1000011110101010001 1010001010
  7. I have a site and am somewhat familiar with firebug and css in pagelines, but I can't seem to get the buttons on this page ( http://shibuifolders.wpengine.com/shop/ ) to center. I tried to add this to the custom css in the pagelines panel but it didn't work: .jigoshop #page a.button, .jigoshop #page a.button-alt, .jigoshop #page button.button, .jigoshop #page input.button, .jigoshop #page input.button-alt { -moz-box-sizing: content-box; background: -moz-linear-gradient(center top , #FFFFFF 0%, #DCDCDC 100%) repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; border: 1px solid #BBBBBB; border-radius: 4px 4px 4px 4px; box-shadow: 1px 1px 0 #FFFFFF inset; color: #000000 !important; cursor: pointer; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; padding: 5px 9px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5); }
  8. Framework Version: 2.4.1 WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: Jigoshop 1.6.1 Jigoshop for Pagelines 1.4.7 Media Tags 3.1.2 NextGEN Gallery 1.9.12 Pagelines Sections 1.0 Ultimate Coming Soon Page 1.7.3 Server/Host: Hosted Webspace (Hosteurope WebPack M) I'm trying to change the layout of my Jigoshop based store in Pages > Shop > "PageLines Meta Settings" and in PageLines > "Page Options" > Product Archive. All the settings are editable however the changes cannot be saved by clicking the "Save Options" or "Save Meta Settings" button. The page just reloads and all settings are back to default. And no changes are detectable on the frontend side. All other features of PageLines seem to work fine. Adding Products, Categories and other settings in Jigoshop also work nicely. The problem seems limited to things "Jigoshop for Pagelines" controls. I can't figure out what the problem is. Maybe someone here can help.
  9. In Jigoshop, I can't seem to make the thumbnails bigger on the product-category pages (http://renenorman.com/ceramics/shop/product-category/heads/) and maybe space them differently. I'm here - Jigoshop > settings > images, and fooling around with the settings, but nothing seems to be responding. Here is a website that has the layout I'm trying to emulate (three large thumbs across); http://elephantceramics.bigcartel.com/category/bowls. I am also having difficulties with thumbnails of photos that are not square. The thumbnail is not cropping the image, it is squishing it instead. Thanks in advance for your help. Michele
  10. Hello, recently had this problem with Jigoshop's shortcode pagination, only happens when the frontpage is set as a static page and the products are placed on this frontpage with Jigoshop's shortcode like this: [recent_products per_page="12" columns="4" pagination="yes"] What happens is, the products appear just fine, but when you click the pagination to go to the next page, it stays on the same page with the url changing to ...page/2/. Not sure if anyone faced this problem as well. I've already posted this on Jigoshop but looks like the only ones who had this problem is due to Jigoshop's conflict with the theme. The strange thing is if I use the shortcode similarly on another page (not the homepage) say ..../anotherpage/, the pagination works just fine. Decided to post here to see if there is anyone facing such situation too. Meanwhile, I've also tried the Woocommerce integration done by Mike Jolley, it is really quite well done, not sure if Pagelines has any plan to swipe that in as well and improve on it. Cos, it's basically ok, but I'm not able to use that as well since the shortcodes don't work too good too. So I'm forced to switch my theme to one from Woothemes instead. Hope to hear anyone's suggestions soon! Thanks!
  11. Website: http://loveahero.com Internet Explorer 9 Latest Version of Pagelines & Jigoshop Using Internet Explorer, please go to http://loveahero.com/shop/ Add any item to your shopping cart (except for the "Test" item). Then click "View Shopping Cart". You'll notice that the picture of the merchandise is over-sized. This only happens in Internet Explorer. The item displays fine in Chrome and Firefox. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a solution? Thanks, Jeff
  12. if I unsubscribe Plus I loose the section activated free as a Plus members? If yes... I bought Jigoshop addon before subscribing Plus, if I unsubsribe Plus I risk the system will erase also my paid pulgin? thanks! Fabio
  13. Jigoshop and

    Hello, I have installed jigoshop plugin and the carousels has stopped working. Could you help me, how I can resolve the issue, please. Here is the link to the page where I use carousel / http://www.janpatrman.cz/reference/ when I turn jigoshop on, the carousel disappears. Thank you for your help. Jan
  14. When a user buys a product from the shop (which is set to "manage my inventory") is not updating quantities automatically. I have to go in each time and manually take out the product. Also, The shopping cart is having major caching issues. Have to update shopping cart manually (button) each time. Help, my client wants to shoot me! Not really, but she is frustrated http://www.renenorman.com/ceramics
  15. Hi, I have Pagelines Pro, Jigoshop Plugin and Pagelines Jigoshop Plugin - all installed, activated and up-to-date. I cannot edit/alter the page template for my shop pages. regardles of which pagelines template I select, when I view the site my shop pages always are delared in the grey admin bar as 'Template:Product Archive' No template matching that name appears in my drag and drop section. If I try to to change template via edit page it will not update to the new template. Also, if I try to show/hide sidebars for the shop page, no changes take place I have spent hours trying to get this resolved - nothing seems to make a difference. I'd like to get this resolved as soon as possible, so would be grateful if you (pagelines) could advise as soo as possible. Many thanks, mark
  16. Contact Forms 7 Wonky

    Check out this new site: http://stefonik.pcprincess.com/contact-us/ I've never had this issue before. cFormsII was completely broken, and Contact Forms 7 has these weird characters showing. Any ideas? Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks, Rich
  17. Jigi Shop Images

    Im having issues when i add product images the thumbnails are resized on the front end Can any one advise me how to stop this happening ? see link http://xposuremediauk.info/?post_type=product Thanks Daryl
  18. Pagelines-Compiled-Css

    Hi there, I try to make adjustment into Jigoshop page with CSS. I found out there is a CSS file in: plugins/pagelines-customize/style.css plugins/jigoshop/assets/css/frontend.css But when I tried to change something my css rule is not working because an other rule from the 'pagelines-compiled-css' overrules my css rule. Even when I removed all CSS rules from style.css and frontend.css the other rule still shows up in the compiled css. But when I search for that line it is not found in a real CSS file but only in the compiled. What do I have to do? Kind regards, Willem
  19. I've installed jigoshop and when I add items to the cart in 'FIREFOX' and then view the cart, some of the shipping and cart totals text disappears under the sidebar, when I remove the sidebar it disappears under the edge of the page. How can I make this stop??? I've had a look but can't find a solution, it seems to be OK in IE, Chrome and Safari............. Russ you can find the cart here: http://www.evapetersen.co.uk/shop
  20. Do not, for a second, think you will get quality support from this company. This is just my personal experience. I paid extra for "premium support." Apparently that means getting a response to my detailed inquiry 1 day later with short responses that don't do much to help solve the problem. I've received 7 emails in 4 days. I'm very disappointed that Pagelines would associate themselves with a company that, in my case, provided abysmal support, even after I paid them. See below!
  21. If you look at the website www.kneelandmercado.com you'll see that I cannot add items to the cart. What do I do? Is this a cookies problem? Or permissions? When I first started building the site, I added 1 product and successfully made a purchase. I don't know what has changed. I changed the settings to force users to the cart when they add a product. that worked sorta, but when i go to checkout, it says cart empty. I updated to the latest jigoshop, and am running current wordpress and pagelines framework as well. I disabled all plugins and it still didn't work. Here's system info from Jigoshop. ### Begin System Info ### Multi-site: No SITE_URL: http://kneelandmercado.com'>http://kneelandmercado.com HOME_URL: http://kneelandmercado.com'>http://kneelandmercado.com Jigoshop Version: 1.4.1 WordPress Version: 3.4.2 Platform: Apple Browser Name: Chrome Browser Version: 21.0.1180.89 User Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Ma c OS X 10_6_8) AppleWebKit/537.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/21.0 .1180.89 Safari/537.1 PHP Version: 5.3.13 MySQL Version: 5.5.21-log Web Server Info: Apache PHP Memory Limit: 64M PHP Post Max Size: 8M WP_DEBUG: Disabled WP Table Prefix: Length: 5 Status: Acceptable Show On Front: page Page On Front: 2 Page For Posts: 105 Session: Enabled Session Name: PHPSESSID Cookie Path: / Save Path: /tmp Use Cookies: On Use Only Cookies: On UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE: 2MB POST_MAX_SIZE: 8MB WordPress Memory Limit: 32MB WP_DEBUG: Off DISPLAY ERRORS: On (1) FSOCKOPEN: Your server supports fsockopen. ACTIVE PLUGINS: Better WP Security: 3.4.4 Contact Form 7: 3.3 Jigoshop: 1.4.1 Jigoshop for PageLines: 1.4.7 Jigoshop UPS Shipping Method: 1.0.6 Pagelines Customize: 1.1.1 Pagelines Sections: 1.0 Regenerate Thumbnails: 2.2.3 Shadowbox JS: Ultimate Coming Soon Page: 1.5.2 Wordfence Security: 3.2.7 CURRENT THEME: PageLines Framework: 2.3 ### End System Info ###
  22. jigoshop frontend css editing

    I'm trying to create a store on my blog - http://www.brightontheday.com/ebkart and am having issues editing the correct file to manipulate/edit the image size of my (catalogue view) product page. The images are now set "important" at 150px width and height and cannot figure out how to override this with the correct css location. Yes, I have the pagelines jigoshop plugin. Yes, I am aware there is a "checkbox" in the general settings tab for jigoshop that disables frontend css Yes, I have searched for answers in this forum and have searched the entire "knowledge base" on jigoshop website. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! thanks so much.