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  1. We are running version 2.4 of the pagelines framework. I am having issues with some of the admin not having access to the features options box when adding a feature? I have also deactived the boxes section because we don't use it, however it is still showing up on the left-hand navigation within WordPress admin.
  2. Comment Fields not Showing

    Hello, I'm having trouble with my comments section for my website http://www.fabhousewife.com. There used to be no issues, but something has recently changed. Even though comments have been inserted within the "drag and drop" setting for "blog" and "blog post", and nothing is selected as hidden, the comment box is no longer showing up. I can see some previous comments, but there isn't a way to add new comments. Also, the "add comment" link is now listed underneath the title of a post, but it still doesn't show a comment form when clicked. I've tried in Firefox and Chrome. Can you please help? I'm using Pagelines version 2.3.8.