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  1. I am trying to move a copy of a pagelines website to a dev environment. I have followed the tutorial here: http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/How_to_Migrate_PageLines_from_Another_Site I have exported and imported the xml files for wordpress i have exported and imported the dat file for pagelines - when exporting/importing I selected all check boxes. Problem #1:The new dev site does not look correct. The CSS does not appear to be working correctly. I used the Custom Code section in Pagelines admin to make changes. Problem #2: none of the Banners or Boxes seemed to move over. Any help on this would be appreciated. correct site (export) http://rainbowtutoring.org/ new dev site (import) http://dev.rainbowtutoring.org/dev/
  2. Importing Pageline settings

    I am trying to import an existing pagelines theme into a new development server. I have followed the tutorial here: http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/How_to_Migrate_PageLines_from_Another_Site When attempting to import into the new server, I get a blank screen. Upon research, this is caused by not having enough memory allocated for PHP. I do not have the permissions to increase memory limit on this server. How else can I move the settings?
  3. When I try to import my pagelines settings (.dat file) I get the following error. There was an error with import. Please make sure you are using the correct file. doing some searches it sounds like it could be a server side issue? is it not uploading? but the error makes it sound like the file type is incorrect?
  4. I exported a site from www.gosober.org and put it on www.thomashoben.com to upgrade it to pagelines. Now that we are done I am trying to move it back to www.gosober.org I installed pagelines and when I try to import the wordpress file I get "media and pages already exist" alerts and when I click "have fun" the site looks similar to the new site but none of the new content is there (because the pages are still named the same). None of the new menus & sidebar menus are there. What should I do to get the files to overwrite the old ones?
  5. Hello, I have a Wordpress 3.4.1 with Pagelines Framework 2.1.6 (Professional License) activated at http://lifeissoft.com/ In other place (www.velneoesfera.com/pagelines) I installed a new Wordpress 3.4.1 and I activate Pagelines Framework 2.1.6 too. I export all data entries (Wordpress export option) from lifeissoft to velneoesfera.com/pagelines/ all OK I export Pagelines Setting from lifeissoft to velneoesfera.com/pagelines/ and the page goes blank and throws this error: (I can translate it if you want) What can i do? could you help me? Thank you very much. Att. David.