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  1. In the site http://diversified.blackcanyonconsulting.com/ we are developing a site and I have a mystery black line above the navbar. Further, the transparency settings seem to fail when it comes to IE8, but that is less of a concern (although if there is a hack I would love to know that too). At any rate, the three divs that seem to be controlling the action are: div class="navbar-inner " div class="navbar-content-pad fix" and navbar fix navbar-content-width pl-color-black-trans (none seem to respond to border-top) The transparency of the navbar is achieved as follows: .navbar.navbar-content-width { border-radius: 0; background: none no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; } .navbar, .navbar-inner, .navbar-collapse { height: auto; overflow: hidden; background:none no-repeat scroll 0 0 hidden; box-shadow:none; } I have pounded it with Firebug and firefox web developer and I can't seem to buy a clue as to whether I am seeing exposed background, border, ????? Thanks for your time.