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  1. hello humans.  i am having an issue in regard to changing my default image size for my jigoshop product page. i have done around 3 hours of research via the world wide web and none of the suggestions i stumbled across have helped resolve my issue.    i have edited my image settings in jigoshop....no luck i have regenerated my thumbnails after editing my image settings in jigoshop....no luck i have added custom css to my pagelines framework....no luck i have selected all available crop options in the jigoshop image settings and regenerated thumbs again....no luck   it seems that no matter what i do i cannot seem to get the default 150x150 image size for the product page to change to the size i desire. please help.    (also) i would like to know if you can change the "all products" header on my jigoshop "shop" page.    any and all helpful transmissions will be held with the highest regard from myself and for the others of my species whom inhabit your beautiful planet. humans unite! 
  2. Image scaling

    Ahhhhh...... Can anyone tell me why my thumbnails are being scaled.... Especially with the 'special recent posts' plugin? Thanks
  3. Backround image wont load

    Hi there,   http://basecampoulanka.fi   I have problem with some pages when browsing with chrome. when you to example this page http://basecampoulanka.fi/ohjelmat/sulan-maan-aikaan/koskenlasku/kansallispuiston-kauneimmat-maisemat/ in wonnt load backround image and it leaves black square in top feature. This happens in several page but all.   Like this page works http://basecampoulanka.fi/ohjelmat/sulan-maan-aikaan/koskenlasku/villi-k-18/ works   Please help i have tried everything i know and bit more.   Ville
  4. I have a green background image in the body and a white colored header.   body{background: url(".../bg-copy1.png") repeat-x scroll 0 0 #82B64A;   color: #EEEEEE;}   #header {background: #ffffff;}   I am wanting to put another image over the white header and over the original background image in the body. I have been able to get it in the brandnav section but I can't seem to extend it into the content area, while leaving the header in place.... any thoughts?   I'm trying to accomplish something like this, just with a white header... http://www.emotionslive.co.uk/
  5. How can I add images as the buttons in the navigation? Is this workable? I found this page that suggests a way to do it http://wpmu.org/wordpress-menu-images/, but using Firebug I am unable to tell what the exact nav container ID is for the BrandNav and SimpleNav. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I'm using banners on a page with text and images side by side. I would like to add a class to the images so I can style them. Is there a way to do this? I don't have much experience with hooks but think that might be the way.
  7. I can't find a built in tool or plugin that will allow me to... On my Blog Page (home page) display an image map. And to do it in two steps... 1. a small picture of the top few inches of the full image map (because it is too big and I want them to click on it to open up the full map). 2. Then to display the full image map (I can't find a tool or plugin that will allow me to post my image map code.). Because it is a blog page not a regular HTML page. There must be some tool or plugin that allows HTML on the Blog Page (home page) and even better if it could click and open up and second image (the full size image map). My site is www.CMGassist.com Help please.
  8. Box image align right

    Any chance I can get the box image to align right? In my case not every box will have an image and I'd like to keep all of my titles aligned left vs as shown in screenshot.
  9. Hello- the site is trailheadcounselling.com and as you will see, I've modified the size of the brand image. The layout of the whole siteis based on the width of the brand image, so I don't want to change that. (eg the sidebar is mapped right underneath the brand image) The problem is that the menu items: Home, About, Counselling Fees etc. OVERLAP the brand image at 768-800px width, and the little phone menu overlaps the brand image at 240px width (screen size) You can test it here:http://mattkersley.com/responsive/ I designed the site on a very wide screen, so didn't notice this problem till the very end, and now it's all designed, but buggy. I would like to shrink the menu responsively. What can I do? Thank you.
  10. I'm working on a Mac which makes this a bit tricker... The live site is: Seems to be connected to the images spanning outside the range of the box? Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks
  11. I just inserted (changed) the wicker background image, when its active, it hides the Hero. Any advice? I tried changing the format (JPG, PNG), with no resolve. http://lbc.isaac.io Thanks, Isaac
  12. Hello, I would like to adjust the space underneath our images in blog posts. I have tried several different things, searched, and haven't found a solution yet. What css code would work to reduce (adjust) the padding under blog post images. Example: http://thisisyou.net/lindsay-cory/ That huge white line underneath is what we would like to reduce down. Thanks, Mark
  13. Hey Nick- Is it possible to create a link to a new page from the portfolio sections? in other words, i want each portfolio tile to be able to take the user to a new page where i can speak more to each one. i cannot find an option do that (though i'm wondering if you might be able to just embed a link to the page from within the desc? would you have to use your shortcode for that?)
  14. Can anyone direct me on how to remove the padding from around my logo image area? I would like a 1px padding instead of what's there now. I'm able to view the area in Firebug, but I can't figure out how to change the script on the site. Thanks for your help. Site: http://www.ezkool.com
  15. Hello! I'm almost done with the new website layout, but one last detail is driving me nuts: I wanted to add an image as separator between blog posts. That works fine when I use this little custom code: #content .hentry {background: url(../wp-content/uploads/pagelines/trenner_sml.png) bottom no-repeat; padding: 0px 0px 20px;} The downside of using .hentry is that the separator also appears at the bottom of each page. Is there a way to differentiate posts and pages so the separators only appear at the bottom of each blog post? The website is located here: http://wuoau.org/blog/ (an example for a page is "Kontakt") Greetings from Berlin, Wolfgang
  16. Thanks for a great forum, 1. How do I display images in a sidebar the best way? (Just 1 or 2 fixed, no slider) 2. How do I customize the font and the font-size in a sidebar the best way? Using Framework 2.35 Kind regards
  17. Image Size

    I'm trying to get 'Features' to pull in the 'large' image rather than the original file size that is uploaded , this will avoid the client having to create the correct file size before upload. So for instance: A client uploads an image that is 1600px wide, currently 'Features' pulls that image and just scales it down rather than re-sizing it. If I set the large image size in the Wordpress media settings to 960px wordpress will create that image size on upload. Can Pagelines 'Features' be told to use that image rather than the original? If you were building the template outside of Pagelines you would just call the relevant post_thumbnail size. Cheers H
  18. Navbar Image Background

    I am trying to figure out how to make the background for my navbar classic an image of my choice. Please help!
  19. How to remove this footer image and link? I dont want a image there. Search the forum but nothing works. Must be simple tough........
  20. My client wants me to make the header link in two places. So I need to add two divs in the header.What would be the best place to edit this? I see header.php but not sure if I need to put the in there or in another file. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Hi, I would like to create a page-template with a carousel or feature set that holds a video, an image, a background image, text and a title. What is my best bet? How do I bring this together? I know features can handle this, but what if I want a feature of a different size in another template. Settings for features are apparently for the whole site. Thanks Kind regards, Floris
  22. Hi everyone i was wondering if there is a way to have a background image behind just the masthead? i want a simple gradient to break up the sections on the site. thanks in advance,
  23. Header image on blog

    I think it's called header image what I'm trying to do. As you can see on the site the is not background picture not a good idea. So I am insted gonna use the image as a header. And I keep the rest in white so the posts can be read easier. Where and how can I change it? Site is http://www.sailubju.com/blog/
  24. I'm looking to make the BG image stationary so that the rest of the page scrolls over it. Thanks!