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  1. Uploading An Image

    Hi Pagelines Forums - I'm using the most recent version of Pagelines (before 2.3.5) on a Macbook Pro. Everything's pretty much working fine except one thing... This morning I tried to create a Highlight on my homepage, but when I tried to add an image from my desktop, I kept getting an error: "0500 Internal Server Error...." (error text went on and on for awhile) I watched the tutorial video on Highlights, and checked the forums for tips, and still no luck. I'm able to upload the image to my Wordpress "Media Library" no problem - so I can insert the picture in a standard post no problem, but I can't seem to insert it into a Pagelines Highlight! Is there a way to easily stick images from my Wordpress Media Library into Pagelines Highlights, Banners, Features etc.? If not, how do I get this particular Highlight I'm trying to create to work? Any ideas? Best, Gabe
  2. Can't load images

    I upgraded to newest version of Pagelines and then started having issues with images. Here's what my Media Library looks like: http://screencast.com/t/yBHp1F8GKPo Also, when I try to add a custom logo in Global Settings I get this: http://screencast.com/t/xpm9V7gf Note the yellow highlight. I can't actually get to the upload screen. Here's what I've tried: 1. disable all plugins: didn't work 2. change theme to 2011: didn't work 3. called hostgator and asked them to look at the setup: they said it looks good. 4. I checked permissions on the wp-content/upload folder and it's set to 755. Other: 1. If you click on the URL in the media library you are taken to the actual picture so the images are there. They just are "showing". Any ideas? Thanks, David