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  1. Hi, When I collapse my site to mobile size, the branding image in the header reduces in size too much - it's really small (about 1/3 width) of the iPhone screen. Is there any way I can make sure it only reduces to about 2/3 or 80% of the mobile screen. Thanks for any help!
  2. After looking over numerous forum posts regarding this issue I am still unable to find a solution that actually works on my site. I am using the thumb on top text underneath layout for the clip excerpt mode but I can’t find a way to make all my featured images the same size. You can see the problem here with the first two posts that are displayed beneath the slider. http://www.priceofmilk.co.uk/ In my media settings I’ve tried changing the thumbnail width and height to 290 width and 170 height but this has no effect. I’ve also made sure to use the regenerate thumbnails plugin after changing these media settings, but to no luck. I’ve tried CSS to resize the images but that only skews them so they look horrible if they aren’t the correct dimensions. Is there no way of setting a uniform size for featured images? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  3. quickslider problem

    I'm new to all this - and I have searched the forum and wiki already. What size images will be displayed properly in the quickslider? Do I edit the photo's before I upload them, or will it be easier to do it once I've uploaded them....because right now I have all sorts of crazy going on. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I am a wordpress beginner working on a web site on ulfholgersson.se. If possible, I would like to change how the featured image and post text/title are displayed on category pages. Specifically I would like to (on category pages): - change the featured image size to "full size", in this case about 600 px width (may vary between pictures) - remove the frame around the featured image - change the featured image link to the image url (rather than post url) - display the post title on the left side of the featured image - display the post text on the left side of the featured mage (under the title) Like this: If anyone has any ideas how to achieve this I would be very thankful!
  5. I have been testing out pagelines on a dummy site, and i have found solutions to every problem thus far. I am very impressed with PageLines and the excellent support. I am trying to resize the box image for a normal pagelines box, i have followed the guides and read some other issues on the forums. For example i want 1 box per row, and i would like the image to be about 500 pixels wide (well actually i want to be able to resize just by entering a size in the Enter the max image size in pixels (optional) box) This does not work? I have been able to reduce the image size, but increasing it does nothing above 200 pixels? any ideas.