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  1. okay, so attached is a copy of results from google speed test w and w/out postpins. here: http://www.pagelines.com/store/sections/pagelines-postpins/ on the page linked above you will see the following convo: QUESTION: "Holy cow - this plugin serve scaled images - NOT thumbnail size NOT Medium size BUT Full resolution so I have a page that loads a few MB now? Page load time: 3.53s Total page size: 9.03MB Total number of requests: 46 Websites worked like this 12 years ago - set it to use thumbnails as default or Medium size at leats (sic)." RESPONSE: "Thanks for informing us this issue has been resolved." This was 6 months ago. I got the plugin 6 weeks ago. The images that various speed tests have cited are ALL of the images that are used by postpins vis a vis the attached. So, no, the issue has not been resolved. There is a problem w jquery strings, and also w image scaling. This renders postpins virtually worthless for a large dynamic site. Please advise. p.s.--i love you guys and pagelines rocks!