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  1. I just uploaded a few colored social media icons inside the branding section. They are visible, but very small. Even with css and !important I can't resize the icons.
  2. Pagelines Web Glyphs

    Hi, What web glyphs are beings used on the Pagelines theme?   On homepage boxes, below:   A million installs and counting. The fastest, easiest way to build a pro site without coding.      
  3. Hi I am having trouble getting a site logo to sit top right in the header and social icons top left... It -almost- works by setting custom CSS for the logo: .section-branding .mainlogo-link, .section-branding .mainlogo-img {float:right;} and then 'branding options - social icons' Distance from the right in pixels to a large value such as 1000 (under 'site options' then 'header and footer') The trouble with this approach is that the icons can be pushed off the edge of screen when narrowing the browser window or on a mobile platform... Far from ideal anyhow. What would be a better way of achieving this?
  4. Social Media icons

    How do I change the social media icons? I just need to change the images.
  5. Hi, I have a question. My client wants to adjust the header in a certain way. A logo, displayed on the left (standard) and in the right top she wants a calleble telephone number and email (a callto: and mailto: link). She also needs to use a different social icon as the ones supplied with pagelines. Now of course it's possible to replace i.e. the Google+ icon with the icon of the needed platform and fill in the correct address in the site administrator, but what I'm looking for is a way to add additional social icons/links to the ones provided. Can anyone tell me how I should accomplish these two things? See attached bitmap Tia John Lasschuit
  6. Hi There I having problems with social media icons in the header of this site: http://koruhealing.co.nz/ When trying to click on facebook, linkedin and google+ icons when I hover over them the light flicks around and when I click on one most of the time it connects me to one of the other ones Any ideas on how I can fix this? many thanks
  7. Header Share Icons

    Is there a way to make the header icons share... instead of going to profile pages? eg... on posts ability to share post to facebook... on header... it will go to a facebook profile instead...
  8. Hi, For the standard facebook icon in my header I do not get the correct address asigned to my facebook page, it always includes my whole homepage address as well (adds it infront of my facebook address), how do I connect the right address to my icon? exampel www.webpage.com/www.facebook.com/XXXYYYZZ Question no 2, I wish to have more icons (not the once provided in Pageline framework) like e-mail, telefon, address icons and I wish to group them together with the facebook icon I have in my header, any idea how to place and group them, assign address and where can I find these icons? anyone out there who can help, I have spent hours trying and are about to give up Malin
  9. Is it possible to have a social sharing setup with it to the left of the posts? Something like the attached screen shot?
  10. Weird Issue With Icon Font

    Hi there... When I updated to the latest version of Pagelines I started encountering a weird issue with the Bootstrap icons I'm using throughout the site. There's a weird shadow showing up, it's like the icon is there a couple of times, sometimes in same color and sometimes in different colors... The result is illegible icons... URL: http://designsbyfelicia.com -> you can view the problem in the purple buttons near the top, and in orange buttons that are further down... Another example: http://www.designsbyfelicia.com/services/ -> check out the arrow icons being used in orange buttons... all wack! Please advice! Thanks! Beny Schonfeld
  11. I was wondeirng if it was possible to add an alt tag the social icons that come with Pagelines as default. For example, I am using an SEO plug-in which searches through pages and finds thing to improve on. It tells me that each pages has at least one image without an alt tag. As most of my pages don't have images on, I am presuming it is finding the social icons.