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  1. I'm using iBlog Pro Theme. The latest version, iBlogPro 5. And i'm using an iPhone 5. is that names familiar? iBlogPro 5 iPhone 5 You know this theme inspired from Apple. Its looking good on desktop and its plausible on iPad. But iPhone, its horrible. i attached two screenshot from elmadergisi.com Apple blog. screenshots belongs to comments section of a page. Device is iPhone 5 and look at the result please. ElmaDergisi.com site does not have any active plugin that has not belongs to pagelines. i disabled all the plugins but nothing changed. how can we fix this? Maybe, there is no need avatars for comment section. Maybe disabling avatars at comments (mobile theme) works but there is no option for mobile theme... Please help for this. i cant say "please turn your device to horizontal position" to my visitors.
  2. Hey guys, I'm having trouble with the layout on my iphone version of the site (http://stage.americandatanetwork.com). I'd like to put the navigation menu above the search bar. Currently they are the other way around. (That or hide the search bar.) Also, the overlay on the slider covers the entire slider. Is there a way to rectify this somehow? Perhaps deliver slider text below the image or something. Not sure what the solution might be on this one. Thanks so much for your help.
  3. I'm getting ready to launch the following website for one of my clients: http://santosha.kether-interactive.ca/ While everything looks, for the most part awesome all around, whenever I check the site on my iPhone, the 4 box images at halfway down the homepage don't show up. If I resize my browser window to fit mobile though, they do. I'm not even sure how to go about figuring this problem out because it seems like the images are downloading, but since the Features images right above them are, that doesn't seem like it should be a valid answer?
  4. i'm just start to use pagelines framework with iblogpro 5 theme. iPad is plausible but viewing blog on iPhone is awful. Horrible big entry titles etc. how can i modify mobile theme for iPhone? nearly %50 visitors have iPhone and i choose this iBlogPro 5 theme for this devices. it says responsible but its looking ugly
  5. How do i set a Mobile Theme?

    hey guys! i have a problem with the mobile page of my website: http://heybier.de i would love to make the sidebar invisible in my postings and categories and the menĂ¼ is a problem in the mobile theme. is it possible to change things like that for iphone and android phones? maybe somebody has an idea. tristan
  6. Hi Pagelines team: I have 2 issues with my header logo displaying properly on an iPhone & have attached 2 images to give you a clear picture. I'm using Pagelines Framework + Base Theme + Featured Branding plug-in. 1. on the main Blog Page, a 'duplicate' logo image appears below the site logo. What could be causing this? Can you point me in the right direction. None of the changes I make seems to have any affect. 2. on regular Pages, no duplicate logo appears, but the social links bleed into the site logo. Here is the CSS that Firebug shows for these Social Icons --- I'd be happy to make them invisible for Mobile users, frankly. Any CSS suggestions for that? section#featured-branding.section-featured-branding .icons { bottom: 50%; height: 24px; line-height: 20px; position: absolute; right: 0; text-align: right; } section#featured-branding .icons { margin-top: 5px; padding-right: 5px; position: static; }
  7. Hello, I've been testing my website on iOS 6 Golden Master and it's displayed incorrectly. http://www.manzanamagica.com I have also checked the demo page iBlogPro 5 and it's shown with the same black background blocks. http://demo.pagelines.com/iblogpro5/ Apple released iOS 6 final on 19 September and the GM version is almost final. Tests have been done in Safari and Google Chrome and it looks bad on both browsers. Thanks in advance for your attention.