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  1. i'm just start to use pagelines framework with iblogpro 5 theme. iPad is plausible but viewing blog on iPhone is awful. Horrible big entry titles etc. how can i modify mobile theme for iPhone? nearly %50 visitors have iPhone and i choose this iBlogPro 5 theme for this devices. it says responsible but its looking ugly
  2. Hi there. i'm new at pagelines framework. my old theme has a slider too. But it works totally different. I need a slider but it must pulls images from last entries. Is there a slider option at framework? Or can i find a slider working like that. My website with pagelines framework and iblogpro5 theme is www.elmadergisi.com my old theme and the slider i want is at this address http://demo.woothemes.com/freshnews/ Can you help me? Thank you...
  3. Hello, I've been testing my website on iOS 6 Golden Master and it's displayed incorrectly. http://www.manzanamagica.com I have also checked the demo page iBlogPro 5 and it's shown with the same black background blocks. http://demo.pagelines.com/iblogpro5/ Apple released iOS 6 final on 19 September and the GM version is almost final. Tests have been done in Safari and Google Chrome and it looks bad on both browsers. Thanks in advance for your attention.
  4. Hi, I want to remove the shadow from the rectangular box area surrounded against each post. Want to remove them from sidebar as well. I tried using the following code..but the shadow is still there..pls help.. #page #boxes .box-media, .post-footer, .wp-comments, .morefoot-col { border-color: #E4E4E4 #CCCCCC #BBBBBB; border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; box-shadow: 0 0 0 #CCCCCC } quick help is appreciated..