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  1. hello humans.  i am having an issue in regard to changing my default image size for my jigoshop product page. i have done around 3 hours of research via the world wide web and none of the suggestions i stumbled across have helped resolve my issue.    i have edited my image settings in jigoshop....no luck i have regenerated my thumbnails after editing my image settings in jigoshop....no luck i have added custom css to my pagelines framework....no luck i have selected all available crop options in the jigoshop image settings and regenerated thumbs again....no luck   it seems that no matter what i do i cannot seem to get the default 150x150 image size for the product page to change to the size i desire. please help.    (also) i would like to know if you can change the "all products" header on my jigoshop "shop" page.    any and all helpful transmissions will be held with the highest regard from myself and for the others of my species whom inhabit your beautiful planet. humans unite! 
  2. Simple Login Plugin

    attention humans: i am trying to locate a plugin that is simple for my visitors to use. i am currently using the newest version of jigoshop for pagelines and i do not like making my potential members going through a 8 step process to simply become a registered (jigoshop) member of my website (login, email, re-login, change password, dashboard access, backend website access, etc etc etc). i have instructed my drones to scour the web for info regarding this topic.....they have failed...and have since been destroyed. their human electronic data decoding mainframes are clearly in need of a complete re-callobration. until that time i am in desperate need of your help. HUMANS: THE SURVIVAL OF MY SPECIES RESTS FULLY UPON YOUR COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE. Unite! And the multiverse may grant your wildest dreams. -1000011110101010001 1010001010