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  1. Hi, I just want to modify the HTML structure of the blog post for put the thumbnail on the right of the page (at the same level like the title but not of the excerpt as it's possible with the Pagelines's option). I don't know how change the html ? Is it with a child theme or something else ? Thanks a lot FM
  2. IE Problem

    http://aps-finland.fi/ On top of page there´s ten pictures in universal sidebar. Everything looks great but not on IE. Any idea you smart one what´s wrong with my HTML? Thanks
  3. I need some css

    I need to decrees some margins on a box I have been building. here is a visual: http://screencast.com/t/DbCr3nxYT here is a link: http://refined.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/benefits/ I set it as password protected, or I think it should be, so here is the link: hfsir please help
  4. Hi Everybody, I searched around the forum quite a bit but haven't encountered anybody with the following HTML/CSS error that messed up the basic Pageline design layout : Specs: Clean install of Wordpress Clean install of Pagelines v. 2.3.8 Clean instal of MySQL database *Developer edition It's unclear to me why the HTML/CSS is messing up the basic laout? What am I overlooking!? Please help See attachement of visual mess up. Thanks Richard
  5. Greetings, I have made my original post at http://wordpress.sta...ge-content-area, but am inquiring here for assistance in case anyone here is familiar with the issue. In addition, I have also submitted a support request via http://www.pagelines.com/contact/. A commenter at my StackExchange post suggests I should possibly seek assistance from here and PageLines Premium Support (as I did purchase the Premium framework). The problem: Wordpress(?) is inserting empty DIV tags throughout the page, and this is cosmetically affecting my form big-time by resulting in a very vertically-dragged out form with huge spacing in between rows. It looks ugly and awful. I have spent hours last month Googling for solutions and tried many that did nothing. There was one that worked, but unfortunately it broke the image slider I have at http://www.tiptopcare.net/ so I couldn't use that solution. As per suggestions from my StackExchange post, I have also enabled debug mode with logging and more detail enabled. Unfortunately, the only things showing up are two minor and irrelevant errors about WP Super Cache (irrelevant because during development I had the WP Super Cache plugin entirely disabled, and still had the empty DIV tag problem), and one error being printed on my wp-admin dashboard "Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! Usage of user levels by plugins and themes is deprecated. Use roles and capabilities instead. in /home/username/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2722". These are the plugins I presently have enabled: Contact Form 7 TinyMCE Advanced WP-DBManager WP Super Cache Any assistance and support is much appreciated!
  6. HTML Sitemap

    A while ago, Yoast, the developer of the great plugin Wordpress SEO, wrote an article on creating a HTML sitemap you can publish on your website for visitors. XML sitemaps are already provided by the Yoast plugin. The question is, how to create a custom PageLines Template for this page, including the suggested functionality provided by Joost de Valk (Yoast), to be embedded automaticly in the content area of this template? I know how to create a custom PageLines template. But I don't know how to implement the php code yoast provided. Anyone ideas for the right implementation? Thank you.
  7. Hello, Today, i give a presentation to my client regarding bootstrap site (non-pagelines yet, coz it still a dummy site), but i got so ashamed because the layout look very miserably. And i just found out that IE 8 does not support media-queries. i google and found two solution: http://ghita.org/tipoftheday/css-media-queries-for-ie and http://code.google.com/p/css3-mediaqueries-js/ but both of it, can't solve my problem on media queries, as i shown here: http://www.doxadigital.com/scrape/mediaqueries.html (using css3-mediaqueries.js) and http://www.doxadigital.com/scrape/mediaqueries2.html (using css-media-queries-for-ie.js) any idea how to solve my problem, i only got 2 days for a revision.. Thanks !