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  1. I have added the following function to pagelines-customize/functions.php. I want to add conditional Login/out and register to the left of the social icons in branding. I have then styled the "header-login" class with Css in style.less ISSUE: It is not showing up at all. It is my firstt-time using Hooks and I thought I had followed all the FAQS etc closely, but what am I doing wrong? add_action('pagelines_before_branding_icons', 'add_loginlogout'); function add_loginlogout() { ?> <div class="header-login">" <?php if(is_user_logged_in()): ?> <a href="<?php echo wp_logout_url( get_permalink() ); ?>" title="Logout">Logout</a> <?php endif; ?> <?php if(!is_user_logged_in()): ?> <a href="<?php echo wp_login_url(); ?>" title="Login">Login</a> | <a href="http://focusforhumanity.org/ffh_registration/">Register</a> <?php endif; ?> </Div><?php }
  2. Hello, do I use a hook if I would like to add the post author's avatar on the homepage? If I have to use that, what would be the exact command? Is there another way to do that? My website allows visitors to make submission of photos and text, and I would like their avatars to be shown next to their post. Visitors who post are random and I may not know them, hence it has to be automatic that once someone posts, his or her avatar goes up with the post. But within pagelines drag and drop, I can only add "post author" into "blog post". How do I add "post author" with the avatar into the "blog" section (where all the latest posts will be shown)? Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi. there is a way to add action (trought hook) in better carousel - content-pad? i need add link text beside better carousel. www.semglutensemlactose.com. i dont know how. tks for any help.
  4. Hi, I just bought Simon's hook plugin and just used it. Nice and simple. As I'm building my site the goal is to push the design but keep it mobile friendly. It was looking great on iPhone until I added a hook to get a custom image in my header template (the girl in upper right) http://shopthehip.com/dev2012/ Now looking at my mobile the branding logo is out of place and the girl covers the navbar. Should I stay away from hooks then? Or is it better instead to use Drag & Drop to add a section in the header?
  5. I want to add my own javascripts in function.php file instead of the Footer Script section in "Custom CSS". Is there a pagelines specific hook I can use in "add_action()" so the script tags will appear after </html> tag? Your help is highly appreciated!
  6. Login on Fixed Nav

    I didn't see any hooks for the space in the fixed navagation. Is there any way to add a login to the end? I was hoping to achieve something like this: http://www.kooi-data.com/ Thanks for your insight!
  7. Hook Into The <Body> Tag

    I need to hook into the <body> tag, in documentation I dont see a hook for this. I simply need to make it <body onload="enableEmptyFields(document.choose);"> I'm not using a child theme BTW, I'm using the pagelines-customize for all other hooks which are working just fine. Any thoughts?
  8. I tried this code below in the functions.php file in my child theme to add a button using a hook. Everything worked but the button is very small under my social icons in the header section. Shouldn't it be at the end of the social section and follow the CSS for the social bar as adding another social button would?. How do I change this so that the button is at the end of the social media section. Code placed in functions.php: add_action('pagelines_branding_icons_end', 'my_paypal_pay'); // function name function my_paypal_pay(){ ?> <div class="my_paypal_pay"><a href="https://www.paypal.com/blaa_blaa_blaa"><img src="http://myimage.png" width="98" height="22"></a> </div> <?php } Here is the site: http://millfairselfs....com/wordpress/
  9. I've tried to find a simple how-to in the forum for this and my head is spinning. I'm still learning this framework, so I apologize if this has been concisely answered and I just haven't been able to find it. Site in development is cordek.wdhdesign.com. I want the contact information that is in the upper right of the header (which is currently the header background graphic) to be text so that it will float to the left in the responsive layout and not be cut off. can anyone help me out with a step-by-step?
  10. I was using WordPress Mobile Pack as my mobile solution for the blog at http://blog.botanicchoice.com. Unfortunately, since the newest updates to PL Framework, we've had a problem where, when you click on a post, the content would not show. However, I noticed that PageLines Framework now has a mobile-optimized format. Therefore, I disabled WordPress Mobile Pack, and figured I'd just use the standard mobile optimization with PL Framework. I purchased and installed the Mobile Menu plugin. We also have the Pagelines Customize Plugin installed. Unfortunately, the hook we used for the Pagelines Customize Plugin appears to be causing the "branding" image in the header to shrink. How can I remedy this situation? I want and need the branding for the blog to show above the hook we used.
  11. I want to add the sharebar below page titles on regular pages (not blog posts or excerpts). I have found a great fix by @seanriceaz. I just changed 'pagelines_loop_after_excerpt' with 'pagelines_loop_above_content' The code for functions.php is: //This function adds the pagelines sharebar to an excerpt (or really, anywhere) function get_sharebar_in_excerpt(){ if (class_exists( 'PageLinesShareBar' )) { global $post; $share = PageLinesShareBar::get_shares(); $meta_share = sprintf( ' %s ', $share ); echo $meta_share; } } //Attach the sharebar function to the after post loop excerpt hook. add_action('pagelines_loop_after_excerpt', 'get_sharebar_in_excerpt'); It works fine, however it is duplicating the sharebar on posts pages and excerpts, which are handled by default by the framework. Any idea how I can add the sharebar under pagetitles on pages without duplicating them on posts pages ? Thanks Elena
  12. Hi, How do I add a photo to the right of my logo in the header? I have read http://www.pagelines..._Themes ...but would appreciate step by step instruction in making this happen.