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  1. When I go to the Customize Theme area to choose whether its a static page or last post as my home page, there is a bug or something so it will not choose. Therefore, my site remains unoperational as I cannot direct to my wanted page. Please help
  2. Content Background On Home Page

    Hi there, please.. anyone can sugget my a custom css code for customize the background ONLY in the home page.. as trasparente or black? Thanks for fast reply Home page that i would like to change background: http://stefanoferruggiara.com
  3. I set up my site two years ago on Station - decided I wanted to add a forum and it eventually led me to loading up PageLines...which I really like. Going through the tutorial, talking about templates, I realized that my site (which is mostly a blog, some content pages and sidebar gizmos) doesn't have a static home page - my main page is just my latest blog entries. No defined Home Page and no defined Blog Page. It's worked well enough so far, but how do I set up a template for it in PageLines? And if I do set up a static home page at this point, how do I tell it to show my blog entries and set it up as the main page visitors reach when they hit my site? Is this in PageLines or in WordPress? Sorry this is so basic...
  4. Hi. I'm developing a site for a client using the latest release of Pagelines and they'd like to have a post covering their latest issue of their magazine kept sticky on the front page. The sticky part is easy and working fine along with the rest of the site. What I can't figure out is how to display the full content of that post on the front page only and have the rest display as excerpts only. The front page as it stands now is here http://tamiyamodelmagazine.com/ I now need to get this post to show in full on the front page with its subscribe button etc so visitors are encouraged to subscribe etc. http://tamiyamodelmagazine.com/blog/2012/09/25/welcome-to-tamiya-model-magazine-international/ Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Justin
  5. Hi All, This url http://www.paaudiovisual.co.uk/ Has areas on the home page with clickable links as icons or HMTL boxes. How do I do that on this site using 2.3 http://johnnbroome.co.uk. Also, Does 2.3 have custome.php? Cheers John