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  1. I know this is not an easy problem. Maybe there is a easy solution. I have tryed to uses the existing solution, that I have found in the forum I changed the colours of my nav (simple nav) and the hover effect (a. hover). I really tryed to highlight the active/used link in the nav but I cant figure it out. I want it to be black when active. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. http://www.marcborries.de nav link: "Sinn & Selbst"
  2. Menu Highlight not showing

    On Socrato.com I am using DMS 2 and few pages are showing the parent page in top navigation highlighted and some are not showing Overview and SAT are both pages under EXAMS show they are showing different behavior.
  3. Hi all, I've a problem in associate pages with menu items. In the page www.bienal-stp.org a have post references in page http://www.bienal-stp.org/exposicoes/ In this page, main menu "Exposições" and left menu "7ª Bienal" are highlighted, but when I enter in one post listed I loose both menus highlight. How can I do something like "highlight a menu item if the post page displayed is from a certain category" ?? Thanks Hugo
  4. How do I change the background for specific banners? I already know how to change the background for banners on a specific page, but now I have multiple banners on one page that I would like to customize. Having a hard time finding it in the forums, so please redirect me if this topic has already been answered.
  5. Hi Guys, May I ask you to how can but ( image or color ) background to Highlight, Masthead,Callout and Hero unit sections. Thanks a lot
  6. Uploading An Image

    Hi Pagelines Forums - I'm using the most recent version of Pagelines (before 2.3.5) on a Macbook Pro. Everything's pretty much working fine except one thing... This morning I tried to create a Highlight on my homepage, but when I tried to add an image from my desktop, I kept getting an error: "0500 Internal Server Error...." (error text went on and on for awhile) I watched the tutorial video on Highlights, and checked the forums for tips, and still no luck. I'm able to upload the image to my Wordpress "Media Library" no problem - so I can insert the picture in a standard post no problem, but I can't seem to insert it into a Pagelines Highlight! Is there a way to easily stick images from my Wordpress Media Library into Pagelines Highlights, Banners, Features etc.? If not, how do I get this particular Highlight I'm trying to create to work? Any ideas? Best, Gabe