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  1. Hi   I emailed your support for help about downloading the DMS over 48 hours ago and haven't had a reply.   I was just wanting to have someone read my email and reply to it please. If I'm doing something wrong when trying to download please let me know.  EG. Do I have to a make a new account even if I am a pagelines pro member already?     Thanks     PS Seems to be a few disgruntled customers out there because support aren't responding?
  2. Hi,   I am using Pagelines 2.4.1 and migrated my site last night live. The sidebar areas (Primary, Secondary, etc) are no longer able to be customized per a template.   When I change SB1 on any template it changes universially through out my site.   Website URL:  www.novarelibrary.com WordPress Version: WordPress 3.5.1. Plugins in Use: Broken Link Checker, Duplicator (what we used to move the site over), Easy Contact Forms and NextGen Gallery.  (Note - I removed Next Gen and tried to see if it fixed the issue and it did not :( ) Server/Host: HostGator Screenshots: Jing Video - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7-TbEK4D5B5N0R5SzdJaDBTdGs/edit?usp=sharing   Thank you for your help! Diana Silveira
  3. Hi - does anybody know how I can get a different full width header per page? Thanks advance guys and girls for helping out!   ps. Take a look at : http://www.polygon.com/game/company-of-heroes-2/5100 and ofcourse : http://www.pagelines.com (big header)   Thanks,   Rich.
  4. hello  my site has disappeared today. i haven't been in the backend of the site in about a week or so, but i was on the main site earlier this afternoon and it was fine. everything should be updated properly, plugin etc. what should i do?    www.tedfury.com   when i go to my login bookmark for my browser i get sent here.    http://p3nlhclust404.shr.prod.phx3.secureserver.net/SharedContent/404.html   please help. my site is due for a very important relaunch in mid july.     
  5. CSS help

    Hi, I need some CSS help on a site I am doing. http://www.lrdclients.com/demo/ Can someone please help me with how to make the boxes centered with the text or both boxes and text aligned to center or left? Thank you!
  6. Simple Login Plugin

    attention humans: i am trying to locate a plugin that is simple for my visitors to use. i am currently using the newest version of jigoshop for pagelines and i do not like making my potential members going through a 8 step process to simply become a registered (jigoshop) member of my website (login, email, re-login, change password, dashboard access, backend website access, etc etc etc). i have instructed my drones to scour the web for info regarding this topic.....they have failed...and have since been destroyed. their human electronic data decoding mainframes are clearly in need of a complete re-callobration. until that time i am in desperate need of your help. HUMANS: THE SURVIVAL OF MY SPECIES RESTS FULLY UPON YOUR COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE. Unite! And the multiverse may grant your wildest dreams. -1000011110101010001 1010001010
  7. Hi PageLines, I'm a longtime user of PlatformPro 1.5.3 and I'm really frustrated with a website I'm making for one of my projects. Here's the link as it stands now: http://1.unocrea.cl/1/ I want to get rid of the search bar in the nav and I can't figure out how to do it. Can you help? Thank you! Leslie
  8. Hello. The site I am currently building, www.dev.chatham.bladv.com is using the Twitter Bar Section found in the Pagelines Store. (The section is at the bottom of each page) For the most part, I cannot get the section to display tweets. If I remove the section and add it back in, it will sometimes work. However, when the section displays a tweet, it refused to update. It will continually show the same tweet until I remove the section and add it back in. I have used this section on another site I am building, www.dev.rmia.bladv.com and it works just fine. Does anyone have ANY ideas why this isn't working? I have tried turning off all WP plugins and it still doesn't work correctly. Also, I have tried using the standard Pagelines twitter feed and it doesn't seem to work correctly either. Thanks so much.
  9. Hello, I am wanting to remove the box outlined and shadow from all post feature thumbnails. I had worked out the CSS before the last Pagelines update - but now the CSS doesn't work. i have tried to use firebug, but I do not seem to be able to get it to work. Does anyone know the CSS outright? I have some Pagelines stock images on my site http://danielfinn.co.uk and the openning box is being used as a post feature thumbnail on my front page. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am wanting to modify the default post feature image thumbnail. I would like them to have no border or shadow. I am unsure of the exact CSS to do this. Could somebody help me? The code outlined below succesfully changes the border and background colour of the feature image, however, I do not seem to be able to remove the shadow type border. .post-thumb .c_img { background:transparent!important; border:none; } Could someone help me?