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  1. Changing a header from H1 to H2

    Good Afternoon, Could anyone help with a small issue I'm struggling with please? I've posted about this before but didn't actually get an answer that related to the matter to be able to fix it. Okay - I am working on this site: www.couriers.tv I have used 'Elements' at the top and 'Lander' further down - but unfortunately they both set the main text as 'H1' headings. I believe this is bad for search engines and I would like to adjust the Lander to be an 'H2' but I have no idea where to start? Any help would be very welcome, thanks.
  2. Elements H1 to H2 or H3 etc

    Good morning, I have set up my homepage using the Elements sections, a Masthead at the top and then a selection of Heroes lower down. I only just realised that the Heroes set a H1, as does the Masthead. Is there an easy way I can change the Heroes to an H2/H3 etc so as to improve the structure of my headers, whilst keeping the Masthead as H1? I really don't know much at all about CSS, which is why I use Pagelines because it's just so easy to create good looking pages without too much confusion. page for reference is https://www.avangocouriers.co.uk Thanks, Stu
  3. Hi there. On my website I have a page with my resume (CV). With the use of the span feature (span 3 to be exact) I'm listing a bunch of stuff in bullet points. As I have some boxes sections further down on the page I want the heading to match that. I found that using H4 gives the same size heading. Now unfortunately there's an awful lot of whitespace between the heading and the div/span (see image below). I've tried manipulating both the bottom margin, spacing and line-height of H4 as well as .row and .div in custom CSS. None of it worked. Therefore my question is: How do I reduce the space between the <H4>-tag and the span itself. <h4>Heading 4 (H4)</h4> <div class="row"> <div class="span3">