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  1. Changing a header from H1 to H2

    Good Afternoon, Could anyone help with a small issue I'm struggling with please? I've posted about this before but didn't actually get an answer that related to the matter to be able to fix it. Okay - I am working on this site: www.couriers.tv I have used 'Elements' at the top and 'Lander' further down - but unfortunately they both set the main text as 'H1' headings. I believe this is bad for search engines and I would like to adjust the Lander to be an 'H2' but I have no idea where to start? Any help would be very welcome, thanks.
  2. Elements H1 to H2 or H3 etc

    Good morning, I have set up my homepage using the Elements sections, a Masthead at the top and then a selection of Heroes lower down. I only just realised that the Heroes set a H1, as does the Masthead. Is there an easy way I can change the Heroes to an H2/H3 etc so as to improve the structure of my headers, whilst keeping the Masthead as H1? I really don't know much at all about CSS, which is why I use Pagelines because it's just so easy to create good looking pages without too much confusion. page for reference is https://www.avangocouriers.co.uk Thanks, Stu
  3. Typography problems

    I have a problem with the typography settings. I set the H1 class with "font-weight: 300;" (Very thin weight), and "font-size: 50px;" (To have considerable evidence of my problem). Unfortunately, as you can see on the screenshots, those setting don't have any incidence on the site, Infact in the home page editor there is a trial title called "Text test", bold, and 26 px approximatly sized. Why the typography settings are not transposed on the site? Where I wrong?
  4. Hello, I would like the category pages not to show the .current_posts_info saying "currently viewing category 'Catname'" but instead just to show the category name in an h1 style. Is it easy to do? (I'm not good at php!)
  5. I want the titles to display on all pages except my home page. I saw old threads but the code offered didn't do it for mine. Maybe I'm just having trouble finding the right css? Here's the page I want to remove "HOME" from: http://dreamtrampoli...ndbox/sciascia/
  6. Hi, I've searched through the PageLines forums before, but only found hints on how to achieve the opposite (hiding h1 titles on pages). Every page of my blog (www.muenchen-webdesign.de) has an H1-title, and I'm totally fine with this. However, the homepage (which is setup on purpose to be the blog posts overview page, and I don't want to change this) does not show a page title (such as simply "Blog", or - as I'd like to get it - "Blog & News", which is the corresponding menu name). Most of you will know why this is important to me - any SEO-Tool expects to find at least and at most one H1-tag on every page of a website, and Google & Co. honor it if you have that H1 on every single page. I've searched comprehensively through various articles on the web on how to achieve this, but finally gave up, mostly because this seams to be something that needs to be implemented in the themes' sources - and a) I don't want to change any themes' sources (which would get overwritten mostly by theme updates anyway) I'm a PHP absolute beginner So I really hope there is either a way to accomplish this through the "regular" theme options, or the PageLines developers have a heart for people like me and "quickly" add this to the themes' options in one of the upcoming updates. If that's not possible (for whatever reason), I'd still be happy to get directions on how to add this in a correct and safe way manually through the PHP-sources. I'm currently using version PageLines 1.3.5 but will update to version 1.4.0 soon. Thanks for any help in advance and best regards, Franz Kohl
  7. Hi there. On my website I have a page with my resume (CV). With the use of the span feature (span 3 to be exact) I'm listing a bunch of stuff in bullet points. As I have some boxes sections further down on the page I want the heading to match that. I found that using H4 gives the same size heading. Now unfortunately there's an awful lot of whitespace between the heading and the div/span (see image below). I've tried manipulating both the bottom margin, spacing and line-height of H4 as well as .row and .div in custom CSS. None of it worked. Therefore my question is: How do I reduce the space between the <H4>-tag and the span itself. <h4>Heading 4 (H4)</h4> <div class="row"> <div class="span3">