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  1. Hey guys, I did this hack http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/19444-4-clips-per-row-in-magazine-layout-show-date/?hl=magazine+layout and it works pretty well (padding seems wonky but that's fixable) Moreover, just wanted to say for future updates that I would love a way to make the blog layout simply and cleanly in three columns, no sidebar. That would be awesome. Also, and this is completely separate, but it would be great if we could cut the homepage into separate category blogs that are small sections showing say 4 posts per category. If there was a way to get drag and drop content buttons that call to specific blog categories and just stack them up on top of eachother, that would be well amazing. Love pagelines, just thought I'd shout out the wishlist.
  2. Is there way I can use pagination with the grid layout?