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  1. font rendering

    hi all. sorry to ask, have searched forums, searched the google, can't find answer. google fonts rendering horribly in windows. i'm looking everywhere and can't figure it out. i know that pl includes webkit. what am i missing? this is one of those search for weeks whenever you can get to it things. no answer. it's Oswald as a heading font that looks bitmapped and ugly. thank you. capemyers.com
  2. Googlefonts Custom Style?

    Hi guys, I am wondering if I am restricted to only four Googlefont options OR if I can set a custom style to reference a totally different googlefont that I did not choose for the Text Headers, Primary Font, Secondary Font and Inputs/Textareas. I would like the Site Title to be a totally different font then the googlefonts I have chosen for the Text Headers, Primary Font, Secondary Font and Input/Textareas. Here is the CSS I have added with no luck: a.site-title { font-family: 'Voltaire', sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; } Any idea how to accomplish this?