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  1. Hi, I have been trying to use Google Custom search on my pagelines enabled website. I have created the engine, I have created a custom page on my site for the search form and results. On the page template i have used custom template with content boxes where i have injected the script in one of the boxes as injecting the script directly in the page content is not really possible. Also, i would like not to edit any php files from the core as i just want control over the search page from dashboard. As seen in other forums around here, there are some problems displaying the search button icon and on my case also a glow around the search input. Check this link for the image please. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwcruaxksntt5sy/pagelinesvsCSE.png What is the best way to inject a script in pages / content boxes in order to have no conflicts with the preloaded styles from pagelines? I want to use V2 of the script and not version 1 of the GCS as advanced css customization will offer some visual advantages but no functions advantages. Can the framework have an update that will allow scripts injected in sections? AS FOR AN EXAMPLE - Google Blogger on edit template has a button that just let's you select the section of the page you want to edit by selecting it from a drop down and displaying the php code from that region of the page so you can put your custom code scripts there. Would work great with custom templates in framework here. People could insert their ad scripts, search engines scripts or any other kind of scripts without the need of extra trouble. For this problem I DO NOT WANT TO USE ANY MORE EXTRA PLUGINS that moderators usually recommend, I DO NOT WANT FOR EVERY PROBLEM to have an alternative in the PAGELINES SHOP to purchase . The framework should work on it's basic form with the most common scripts out there and have ways to read them and load their settings / styles instead of overriding them. As for a P.S. The theme still needs to better work with Jetpack (Downloads: 5,438,322 - YES 5 MILLIONS) and in my case better support for content width in galleries. 2 FRAMEWORK UPDATES AND PROBLEM STILL NOT SOLVED SINCE THREAD OPENED. FONT AWESOME still not updated since the last 2 framework updates since font awesome major update.
  2. Hi guys, First time writing here. I just started a new site www.xkdnjzja.com, and I'd like to know what I need to do to use a Google font for the nav bar text. Thanks in advance. Chris.
  3. I am not a pro-user by any means. I am more intermediate. If I am given detailed instructions I can usually figure something out. That said, on November 6th my hosting company, dotster.com, switched over to some new fancy system on their end. Since then Google has not been able to access the robot.txt file that wordpress automatically sets up for you. Since they can no longer reach that file my site can not be crawled and sitemaps can not be submitted. I have practically disappeared from search results for all my keywords. Google says that it could be a problem with my hosting company. So I called them and they said that since they made the switch to the new system on november 6th my site has been submitting to many php's or scripts or something. This is where things start feeling a bit over my head. They said that my mysql is getting jammed because my site is going over the limit and is shutting down access to google for some reason. I can reach my robot.txt file if i type it in but google cannot for some reason. They said that it may be my theme that I am using. Has anyone had this problem before? Is there anyway I can figure out what scripts or php file is sending too much information to my host? I recently installed W3 Total Cache plugin to my site because that was recommended to shrink down the files or something but that hasn't done anything. Can anyone help me? I need to get my site searchable ASAP! Thanks!
  4. Referencing Google Fonts

    I'm trying to insert a heading on a page and instead of useing the sitewide defaults for the H1, H2, etc selectors, I would like to insert an inline style referencing a different google font. I have installed the Pagelines googlefont plugin. I was under the assumption I just had to reference like this: <h4 style="font-family: 'Nothing You Could Do', cursive;">Your Health, Our Mission</h4> The site picks up the cursive, but doesn't get the correct Google font. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hey everyone. I would like to know if there is a way - not as complicated like coding - for adding GOOGLE PLUS social icon on the header next to facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin and rss icons. I have the last edition of PlatformPro. I tried it looking for the image of "linkedin" (that I don't use) on the theme archives to change it for a google plus icon but I only found social icon for sharing images. When I bought it I did it because pagelines team promise to be updating and sharing with the customers that through all the discussion on the forums did the feedback for what now is called "pagelines" a new more expensive framework and PlatformPro users have to pay for it, just because the name changed. Now PlatformPro doesn't have important updatings like Google Plus icon. That's Sad, not for the customer but for the trust every person put on the creators at the beginning of the project. If you are creating a new framework please be sure the "old" one to be updated at least on basic stuff like new international social networks, I understand you need to produce money but keep the honor and human behavior, that one you started with. Thank you for your help and I am sorry for complaining.
  6. AdWords Conversion Tracking

    Does anyone know the best way to install Adwords conversion tracking to a single page on Pagelines. I am trying to add the script tothe footer on just the order received page for tracking conversions. Thanks any help would be great