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  1. So I'm a fairly experienced developer with php and css, and I'm finding a small problem with the pagelines framework that I can't seem to fix. There appears to be a 5px gap at the bottom of my pagelines sites that I'm unable to find the cause of. HTML, BODY, div#site, and footer#footer, the only elements I could think of that would cause this, all have their margin/padding set to 0. When I turn the body background off/on, it is showing that it is the BODY element showing through. When I click on it using firebug, firebug highlights the html element. In the image below, the green line is where the browser should be sitting, but for some reason it has that 5px gap below the site. And this is a more visible example from another site I'm working on. The light beige/green at the bottom shouldn't be there and I'm not sure how to get rid of it: