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  1. I just installed Viewer 1.0.7 and activated it. The first gallery I created works well and you cn see Viewer in action: http://gdmcontemporary.bamaulion.net/event-one/ the code in text mode is [gallery ids="32,35,36,37"]   The second gallery I create tith a similar code do not work: it does not display a Viewer gallery nor a default WP gallery: http://gdmcontemporary.bamaulion.net/news-four/   The 2 posts are a couple minutes away, I did not upgrade/install other stuff inbetween besides Any Loop section by the same author.   apache2 logs show no errors.   Edit: I managed to create a new Viewer gallery: http://gdmcontemporary.bamaulion.net/event-three/ but unable to create another one here, whete a WP gallery shows: http://gdmcontemporary.bamaulion.net/event-two/   reading the forum archives it seems that the plugin relies on the Visual post editor, can the author please document the correct steps to use this plugin?   Edit and solved Ths comment thread on the author product page leads to the solution: http://fyre.it/HlSzIh.4 The author writes:   And indeed, testing that I found out it's true. So it's important to point out that Viewer galleries only work with images that have been specifically uploaded/attached to the post or page they are in. I hope the author comments on that.
  2. Nick, The images that I upload as a gallery within a project do not display on the project page. I did the following: Create project Add media Upload images Create gallery from images Close out of the media library Update project Do I need to have more than one image in the gallery? Thanks!
  3. I love Projects. The images in the gallery appear and start changing only if the mouse in the image area (no need to click). If I open and close a project box than the image gallery may show, but not change before I move the mouse. Any suggestion? (I saw in the forum that you are aware of the cropping of images). Thanks.
  4. How can I get a full page gallery view of my photos? I want to post a gallery in a post, showing max size in the computers window when the gallery opens. Should be a thumbnail view at bottom, or just arrows to move to next photo in that specific gallery. Really need help with this one!
  5. Hi Nick, I would like to insert a gallery into the portfolio section but I am having some issues. I know I should supply the page id into the gallery section but I can not seem to find the ID. I looked into the browser window but that does not seem to show a page id. Should I create a post or a page? Also, how does this work with Jetpack Carousel? Are you able to place an blog feed into the Blog section? For example, anytime a new post is created in my designersduty.tumblr.com blog could it show up under the Blog section? Lastly, I would like to right align the text on the right hand side of the About Section. It currently looks like it is left aligned. Thanks again! -India
  6. Hi All, It seems like this would be a common question and a trivial task in PageLines, and I apologize if it has been answered previously, but I could not find it. The site I am working on is for a tour company, I have a page for each tour and a nextgen gallery containing images from each tour. I am trying to add a NextGEN Slideshow widget to the sidebar BUT set the galleryID on a page by page basis and I just cant figure it out. This seems like it should be easy.. Ideas? Chris
  7. I have a client using IE 8.0 who keeps emailing me about the gallery thumbnails on the site being all over the place. I just got the "But the competitions' websites don't look like this, can you fix it?" email. It looks fine on Firefox for Mac, Safari for Windows, and IE9 for Windows. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone have any idea how to fix it aside from telling the client he needs to upgrade his browser? Here is one of the webpages with the problem: http://floorsforlife.com/products/estate/