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  1. Hi, I just purchased the split slider. My hope was to use this for testimonials to the right of my content. I currently am trying out the quickslider for this purpose, which works fine but the split slider would be a lot better. After purchasing it looks like the split slider is full width only. Is that correct? I'm not sure the pagelines store page mentions that it's full width only (or if it does I just missed it!)   Anyway, thanks in advance for either confirming that this full width only, or for giving me good news that I can use this in non full width mode.   Thanks!  
  2. I am trying to style the background colors in certain sections to span into margins. I've tried resetting content-pad and resizing some containers and nothing seems to work. What's the easiest way? This is the page - I want the black to extend to the edge: http://www.cooksmarts.com/about/ Basically I want it to look like the "How We Do It" section here: http://cooksmarts.staging.wpengine.com/about/
  3. Wicker Display

    Hi there, I am currently using the Wicker Section in my website and it is awesome! However, I originally had my layout set up as a "Responsive with Pixel Width" and the "Full-width Sections" in the pagelines admin. I changed it to "Static" so that when a browser window was smaller it would look the same. I was told that my Wicker section should still stay full width but now it is cut off at the same point as my content. Can you tell me how I would be able to keep it in full width mode? Thanks! www.trifuse.org
  4. Full-width Masthead

    Hi everyone, I've been working on this page for a few days and almost have it where I want it to be, but I need help. On this page, I'm trying to get the masthead to be full-width and responsive, like the other sections. I'm also trying to eliminate the buttons, the masthead meta says if no options are chosen no buttons will be displayed, but that is not the case. If anyone can help with this, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  5. I purchased the Revolution Slider plugin, thinking I would be able to create a full width image slider; however, after setting it up the slider works to span only the full width of the content and not the full width of the browser window. I have the Site Design Mode configured right now to Full Width Sections but am not sure how to capitalize on this with the REvolution Slider. I setup the Slider as a widget in the Full Width Sidebar. This is what it looks like now: http://imgur.com/RW9DQ Did I just waste my money with this plugin? Please help. BOB