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  1. Hi, We are unable to connect to the PL store through the PL dashboard. We are running our own servers in-house, have a large WP multisite install, and were running PlatformPro prior to jumping all over Framework when it was rolled out. We kind of (usually) know what we're doing. Manual install of sections and plugins that we've purchase works great. We ftp in with winscp, and all is well. Yes, the sections plugin is installed. We have purchased plugins and sections through the website launchpad, manually installed, happy happy. Now we have upgraded to a Plus account and we want those freebies! Snowfall, and Salebar (we SO want to replace HelloBar with that)....but these are only available through the Dashboard --> Store and can not be manually installed. Which would be fine, except we can't get connected to the store. Here is what happens. (Yes, we are connected to our Pagelines account credentials through Dashboard --> Your Account.) 1) We browse to Snowfall in the plugins section of the Dashboard --> Store 2) Click "Free Pagelines Plus" button 3) Connection Information box pops up. We enter our FTP info. 4) We click "Proceed" 5) Connection box closes, page refreshes, no error but nothing at all has happened. No install, nothing. We've been round and round with Robert and Catrina, and Jenny on chat (and they were lovely and tried to help). We re-installed Framework manually. We made our file (wp-content and pagelines-sections) owners match. We tested a variety of ports and configurations. Still can't connect to the store through the Dashboard. Help? Please? I Jennifer