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  1. I am using PageLines Lite and had my site set up to show the latest posts on the front page. This was working fine but recently has reverted to showing my home page instead. I don't believe that I have changed anything to cause this. Under Settings->Reading in the WP dashboard 'Your latest posts' is correctly selected and if i change themes to TwentyTwelve the site performs correctly - with the latest posts page displaying as my front page. However, when I change back to PageLines theme it reverts back to displaying my home page as the front page instead. Anyone any ideas?
  2. My client wants a "Contact Us" widget similar to the one in the attached picture. How am I able to make something like this? Does PageLines have a Drag&Drop feature that is like this, a recommended plugin, or widget where I can put this on my clients site?
  3. Stumped Newbie

    My name is Fiona Wailes-Fairbairn and nd my PageLines Username is carcassonne. I am very new to Page Lines. Have previously used other themes with relative ease. For some reason finding the transition across to building a website in PageLines Framework extremely difficult My Website is http://pitchperfectuk.com/ (http://pitchperfectuk.com/ ----------------------------------- Anyway, I've been struggling for over 4 days trying to see my text that I've created under pages in the dashboard ( page lines) with the public site. ( It's supposedly in default template mode while my other pages are Template 1.) I have put a main navigation on my front page but when I hover and click on other pages nothing happens. One says as it's attempting to deliver on my click-through "fake.".. You'll also note that I currently still have the logos and default images of page lines when I want to use my own carousel and images. Could you tell me how to proceed so that I can move beyond this impasse?