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  1. I'm trying to center the content of the full width sidebar in the footer and get rid of the padding... I actually succeeded in reducing the padding of the actual widget in that sidebar - #sb_fullwidth .content-pad .widget-pad {float: none; margin: 0 auto; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;} - but the rest doesn't work... What am I doing wrong? http://www.onebarrel.ca
  2. I can see the different options for customizing the format of the features slider (text on left, text on right etc) when I add a new Feature in the Features Custom Post type section, but I cannot seem to figure out how to change how the features slider looks if I am feeding the slider its content from a category of blog posts.
  3. Formatting Hyperlinks

    saturday greetings, everyone, i finally abandoned my old stationpro template and upgraded to pagelines (dev…cuz i always overestimate my abilities!). it's possible there is some lingering code or formatting somewhere? my problem is that the hyperlinks don't seem to be formatted the same in various locations, and i would like to have as much control over them as possible. one problem was underlines. i do not personally like them. searching the forums i found this line of code: a:link, a:active, a:hover, a:visited {text-decoration: none !important; border-bottom: 0px;} that seemed to do the trick on the front page and in the posts. yay! thanks! i've turned it off for now but will turn it back on later. however, the hyperlink colors and such don't seem to be working the same depending on where they're located. i will try to use the correct terminology, but i will probably still get it wrong. my apologies. here is my home page: http://voxsylvatici.com at the top (banner? header?), vox sylvatici, while a link, is dark green, but hovering turns it a light green. ok. i can live with that. i even like the lighter green. the post titles are green, but hovering doesn't turn them light green. it merely shows an underline (or not, if i use the above code). i'd like them to turn the same light green (or the same darker green of the links mentioned below). i don't know why the byline text (?) under the titles is grey instead of white. i don't know why the author name (Sylvaticus) is not the light green of a link (which i set using the color control in site options). hovering over "Sylvaticus* makes it white, not a darker shade of green like the other links (and from were did that darker green on hover come? i can't find a place to set it.), or the lighter green like "vox sylvatici" in the header/banner. if i go in to a post the title is no longer a link (naturally). the byline is still grey. hovering over "Sylvaticus" still turns it white. the links are green, like i want, and which i think i set in the color control found in site options. i now know how to remove the underline on hover, but no idea where the darker green shade is set. i'd prefer to make it the same lighter green of "vox sylvatici" on the home page's banner/header. i guess the lighter and darker isn't so much the problem but where do i control them? i can't find anything in the dashboard or site options and i'm not sure where and how to use code to do it! please tell me there is a stupidly simple place to make all these edits? i have no idea how to code it or where to place the code. i have skype (XXXXXXXXXXXX) and AIM (XXXXXXXXXXX) accounts and i'm happy to call or chat (which is sometimes easier than writing the answers down). heck! if you live in minneapolis, i'll gladly buy you a coffee and we can chat in person. :-) thank you for any help and advice you can give! keith