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  1. Hello, I'm not sure, if the problem I'm having right at this moment, is a specific pagelines-problem. But when I opend my site today there was this alert at the top of the site: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /jquery-1.6.3.min.js on this server. I've made a screenshot: Has anyone an idea, what happend? The last time I was on the site, there wasn't any problem. Thank you!
  2. I have recently experienced an issue where I am trying to alter the page setup. When I click to save settings (eg the page layout with a display of which sidebars etc) I get this error message. I have checked my file permissions and the wp-admin directory has 755 permissions. options.php has 644. I have resaved the wordpress salt passwords and relogged in. I have disabled all plugins and no issue there. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Hey, I'm trying to create a small intranet for our company. unfortunately I'm unable to post a link to the site as it has sensitive information on it. I've ran in to this error Forbidden numerous times, and I've done some trouble shooting to see if I can figure it out with no luck. Trouble shooting done so far: I'm pretty sure it's not our host as they host two other wordpress sites for us. Disable all "non" Pagelines plugins Updated to the newest Pagelines framework Updated to the newest Wordpress I have run into this problem when: Saving Page Options Adding more than 6 box sets to a page (3 to 8 boxes per set) and most recently adding numerous sub pages to a parent page( I can add 6 sub pages to a parent page before I get the forbidden error) Can someone please shed some light on why I'm getting this forbidden error? Thanks Mustard