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  1. Hey guys, for some reason I can't seem to figure out how to edit a ContentBox that I've placed in the footer. My current site (not built with Pagelines, I'm in the process of replacing it) shows the way I'd like the footer to look, and I know how to accomplish this with a ContentBox, but I am stuck on how to edit the actual content of that section. I was able to drag it in there in the Page Template area no problem, and I've tried putting content there using the Sitewide Defaults for the ContentBox section, but that changes other ContentBox sections I have elsewhere on the site. Anyone have some advice?   The site I'm working on is http://danmanders.com The site I'd like to copy the footer from is http://phillydogschool.com   Thank you!
  2. Remove white footer

    Hi How can I get rid of the white area in the footer/bottom? I would like the gradient background to fill out that white area.... http://manometer.wpforalle.dk/plo-frederiksberg/ I just don't get it :-(
  3. Footer Background

    I have an image for the background of my site. How can I get that image behind the footer area so I can overlay a color with a mid opacity so you can see that background through it? I have the footer color and opacity just need to know how to get that background image in the footer area also. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just noticed one of my sites http://www.vikihibbs.com that the morefoot & footer are missing!? I have checked all the settings and as far as I can see everything is set correctly. The morefoot should display the twitter bar and the footer uses the full width side bar to display the footer text...this was all working fine earlier in the week. Before I go crazy can someone help me figure what has happened!! Thanks!! John
  5. Interesting Footer Conundrum

    Hi all, I've painted myself into a corner. I need a simple, open, non-columnized text area to add below the main footer area. I've used Full Width Sidebar and Contentbox in other areas of the site, so they're unavailable. If I clone the Contentbox, there are no site-wide options to make it useful as a footer for all pages. The footer section options are limited. Morefoot required three columns. All I want is a simple, one-line sub-footer. Contentbox would've been perfect. Thanks. Any ideas?
  6. I have this page set as a Launch Page. Any ideas on how I can remove the large black footer at the bottom? Trying to identify it using Inspect Element and modify CSS but can't figure out what the object is to begin with. Or, do I simply need to increase the height of the overall page? Thanks! http://blog.businesswise.com/request-live-demo-v2/
  7. Hi All, I currently have a portfolio website that I am rebuilding with wordpress+pagelines. I want to keep the overall design and just upgrade my graphics and capabilities. This is my current site : http://casseysdesigns.com This is my wordpress site : http://casseysstudioofdesigns.com I want to have the header and footer background expand across the entire page no matter what size... I would like the content of the header and footer to remain within the content area (This is how I have it set up on my current website via css) The problem is that even using developer tools and updating my style.css in my child theme the parent theme (pagelines) is overriding my styles and I can't get the header and footer bgs to extend. I tried a bg img that has a black bar across the top as a "fix" but it doesn't solve the problem for the footer and it doesn't respond the way I want it to on different sized screens. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you need more information to assist me please let me know! Thanks, Cassey
  8. On my website there's space below the footer area. Here's what I know about the space: 1) it is 20px high 2) it appears on every page, regardless of page template, content height, or enabled features 3) it displays the page background color, but does not display the repeating background image 4) if the PageLines Leaf icon (#cred) is displayed (which I have turned off), it enlarges this area, and the leaf appears centered within. What I would like to do is eliminate this space, so that my footer (and beside the footer, my background image) form the lowest edge of the page. A picture of this nefarious space is included for reference:
  9. Hi, I am having a number of problems. I added one issue to the forums, but no one has responded there. It is getting more urgent by the minute. 1. widgets don't work at all. 2. Footer not working. I try to replace the pagelines icon in the foot and it does nothing. 3. Background: I attempted to reset the Header and Footer to default settings, but it reset ALL the global settings. That is a HUGE error in Pagelines. Now, I can't restore my background to supersized to fit the browser. Those are the most pressing at the moment, but they are pretty important. Please respond quickly. thanks for your help. -brenton
  10. Hi to all, I've been busy learning basic CSS / HTML / Wordpress and Pagelines etc for only a couple of weeks so forgive me if these are simple questions. I have created a 'Home Page' using the 'Base Theme' and I'm at a basic level now where I'm adding simple CSS to change the look of my site. However, what I really want is a 'Header' and 'Footer' at the top of the page that fits the entire width of the page. For the background of the 'Header' & 'Footer' I wanted to use an image which will be created using P'shop (j-peg file). I'm going to be taking a look into this soon but I wanted to ask here first incase someone has any advice or tips in achieving this? I don't want to complicate things too much as it's a clients site I am working on so hopefully I can keep the coding simple until I'm more familular with editing/adding CSS. Thanks for any help on this. I have also mocked up a rough example that demonstrates what I mean in-case I am unclear? Kind regards, James W
  11. Dear pagelines team, first of all. Thank you so much for a very professional Wordpress framework. I really like using pagelines and cannot imagine, how I could survived in the past without it. Now to my problem: I have a shop plugin installed called EasyDigitalDownloads. Everything works great, except showing purchase receipts. I contacted the EasyDigitalDownloads support before and we came up with an issue, which is caused by the pagelines framework. This is the support thread with EasyDigitalDownloads. EasyDigitalDownloads provides the functionality to send a purchase receipt to your customers. Within that receipt, there is a link to the buyers receipt in html format. This is an example. As described in the support thread with EasyDigitalDownloads, the receipt has a warning in the header and footer area. Essentially, what EasyDigitalDownloads is doing: call to wp_head(); at the beginning and wp_footer(); at the end of the receipt. When I change my theme to something else than pagelines, the receipt looks great. With pagelines, I get these weird warning messages. The guess from EasyDigitalDownloads: "My guess is that the theme is hooking in a function that fails when not viewing it from a normal template file." I attached the template.php, which is used to generate the receipt in the browser. What can I do, to have the header and footer of my site displayed as well as the receipt itself. I tried changing wp_head(); to get_header() and wp_footer() to get_footer(), but then I loose plenty of the receipt's styling. System information: ### Begin System Info ### ## Please include this information when posting support requests ## Multi-site: No SITE_URL: https://www.ipin.ibilities.com HOME_URL: https://www.ipin.ibilities.com EDD Version: 1.5.2 WordPress Version: 3.5.1 PHP Version: 5.3.13 MySQL Version: 5.1.56-log Web Server Info: Apache PHP Safe Mode: No PHP Memory Limit: 90M PHP Post Max Size: 7M PHP Time Limit: 30 WP_DEBUG: Disabled WP Table Prefix: Length: 10 Status: Acceptable UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE: 7MB POST_MAX_SIZE: 7MB WordPress Memory Limit: 40MB DISPLAY ERRORS: On (1) FSOCKOPEN: Your server supports fsockopen. ACTIVE PLUGINS: Easy Digital Downloads: 1.5.2 Easy Digital Downloads - Software Licenses: 1.4.3 Easy Digital Downloads multilingual: 1.1.1 Installer: 0.5 Jetpack by WordPress.com: 2.2.2 Pagelines Sections: 1.0 Post Types Order: 1.5.7 WPML Multilingual CMS: 2.8.1 WPML Sticky Links: 1.3 WPML String Translation: 1.7 CURRENT THEME: PageLines Framework: 2.4.1 ### End System Info ### template.php
  12. Space between Content & Footer

    Hi, How I can remove the space between content and footer? or make it responsive by vertically? Thank you!
  13. Social Icons on the Header & Footer

    I'm trying to put an Social icon for Linkedin in the Header & Footer. By default icon is placed next to the logo and if it is moved by margin-left or css it's not work and isn't responsive. How I can fix it? Thank you!
  14. Missing Footer?

    I've been working with pagelines for a few sites now and love it! I'm building a site on my subdomain (si.bluefantail.com) and recently noticed the the footer is entirely missing? I've gone through all my custom CSS, the footer/header section, the drag and drop sections, site options. Basically EVERYTHING. I can't figure out why it's missing! I added the morefoot columns to the footer section, but that's not what I want. None of my branding is showing up in the site options (the watermark etc). Help please! Thanks, Elijah
  15. Hi There http://thelearningroom.co.nz/?page_id=23 Please see attached file for a visual of what I am trying to achieve. Wanting to use the "footer Columns Sidebar" section to create a footer that uses 6 columns to show all main page nav links (the nav menu titles are not correct and not matching to the main nav top menu as they have been changed since creating the layout visual, but it gives the idea) with their sub menu items, and a sign up form to the right. In the widgets section I have used "custom menu widgets" to generate display of all the links in on the site. I then used a "text" widget in the 6th column to get the sign up form in there. My problem is that I don't seem to be able to customize individual columns with css, they all have a selector class of : .ppfull .pp6 I am wanting to alter the width and padding of each column, especially the sign up form and make sure this sits to the right of the footer. Can I achieve a footer layout shown in the attached image using "footer Columns Sidebar"? Or does this require hooks? Or am i best to find a plugin that could do this for me? Many thanks footer screen.tiff
  16. Footer background

    Hi Guys, Want to be able to change the footer background from white to a light shade of grey on this website im working on test.propertywealthadvisors.com.au Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks, Adrian
  17. Header & Footer - Responsive BG image

    Hi, I make a background image in header and footer, how to make responsive it? I try use the "max-width" and "min-width", but it's not work correct and try to change "px" to "%" nothing works.. Thank you!
  18. hi there, i was wondering if you could help. I would like make my header background colour black to match the look and feel of my site. Could you tell me what to do? i inserted the body { background-color: black; } in my header script and the same thing appeared on my header. site url www.soulrideruniversal.com I am not an expert on CSS so would really appreciate your help. Many thanks, Rishabh
  19. White space beneath footer

    Hi, Please help me understand how I can remove the white space from beneath my footer when my pages have minimal content, ideally the footer should always be at the bottom of the page. Link to the website page with the issue. http://tinyurl.com/c799mok Thank you in advance
  20. Hi I am not sure why but the footer titles on the front page of my site are different to the footer titles on the rest of the site: www.globalwaterforum.org Does anyone know why this is? Thanks
  21. On site front page I would like to add Adsense ads to morefoot or footer, but I always get some grey squares; I use the same code I wrote in Primary/Secondary Sidebar, that works. Where could it be the problem?
  22. Hi, got an annoying one here. The main contnet area of my site is over running the footer, but only on one page. I have deleted the page and recreated it and still I have the same problem. It uses magento to pull in a list of itmes for sale and it is this list that is extending down over the footer area. Can anyone point me in the right direction, is it a magento problem of a theme problem? link http://www.jamesbartholomew.co.uk/?page_id=1230 kind regards Martin
  23. In Site Options > Header and Footer, I placed a footer logo. When I save and look at the website I still see 'Build a website with Pagelines' How can I replace it? Thanx
  24. Hi, I have a site that I am not using either the footer or more footer. But below my template I have a area color going full width. Using Fire Bug I have not been able to pin point how to either get ride of it or make it the same width as the template. You can see it on this page http://ebnorris.com/wp/contact/ it is the same color as the content area. I would like to make it invisible or make it black. However it is on every page, this page is jut not as tall. Thanks for any insight, David
  25. Good day: I would like to add my address in contact info in so that it shows on every page (right beneath or above) Secondary Nav at bottom of page. I would like this to be in text format in so that SEO finds it. I would like but don't need to have a hyperlink in here so that I can connect it to contact page and/or google maps. I cannot find anyway that PageLines will put text here. I have tried FiTText: That gives me Text in a HUGE font not not appropriate here and not able to control colour or size. I have tried putting this in Header/Footer Set-up: More Statement in Footer and FootCols section but this text does not appear on screen. Thoughts: Help? www.newsite.thetradinglab.com