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  1. Awesome Font

    Hi I think I have encountered a bug, when i select the 'Gears' Icon from 'Font Awesome' in the 'iBox' section it just shows blank, no icon is displayed in the iBox, as you can see.     The iBox on the far right corresponds to the highlighted drop down selection menu on the far right.   [attachment=1277:Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 8.30.02 PM.png]     It also happens for many other icons. Is this an error in my install, or a bug in the release?   Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Cufon Font Replacement

    Just wondering where I might find the "Cufon Font Replacement" in the DMS?   Guess I'm too blind to see it ;-)   Background: I am using a font which is not part of google fonts and even not a web font /standard one. In the framework I used "Cufon Font Replacement" to integrate it.    Is there still a possibility to use Cufon Font Replacement? Or how can I manage to integrate the font, which is not part of the ones which are provided in the DMS?   Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello My first post here at the forums. I've been looking through the different sections of the forum to find a way to add the option to select size and color of a specific text in a custom section. I've created a section and I'm able to get it to show me a dropdown of all fonts available - this works fine. But I would like to be able to select both font size and color from for the same section. How is this possible? Thanks Kind regards Jesper
  4. Font Size

    Adam, How do I go about adjust the point size of the font in the Social Counter section? Just so it's on a single line in my smaller column. Thanks!
  5. Hey, I was wondering how I could change the font type of my "Categories" list in the sidebar. For example right now my sidebar font is showing as Helvetica because under Site Settings > Typography > Text Headers, I have Helvetic chosen. But I would like to use the Google Font "Permanent Marker". Firebug shows that my Categories are grabbing the font type from h3, but since Typography changes all headers at once I do not know how to customize this. Please help! Thank you.
  6. How do I change the css to make the font larger on the sidebar but not the content? http://lrdclients.com/wp/im-new-here/ thanks! larah
  7. I need to change the font used overall in my site. I've downloaded the font and changed the css. I can see via chrome and firebug that the site is looking for the font but can't find it (see attached). I've uploaded what I think are the right font files to the font folder where the other fonts are stored. Is this the correct place to put them? Where should they be so that the website can find them. Thanks so much. Lorraine site url: http://www.kestlemedia.com/kooki/books/
  8. paragraph font change

    I've been able to add the new font I want to use and it changes the headers/menu but not the overall paragraph text. Here's the css I've used body{font-family:'Euphemia_UCAS'; color: #594438; letter-spacing:1.5px;} .content p{font-family:'Euphemia_UCAS'; color: #594438; letter-spacing:1.5px; } I got the .content p from the wordpress playing with fonts style. How can I get the overall paragraph font to change and also what is in the sidebar? Appreciate any feedback. Site link: http://www.kestlemedia.com/kooki/ Lorraine
  9. Page Title Font Size

    Hello All, I am trying to reduce the size of the page titles. I cannot seem to find it anywhere in the documentation. TYIA, Eric Website URL: abeo.us but you must host map to: to see it as it is a dev site. Framework Version: 2.4 WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: Not many Server/Host: VPS with Cpanel Screenshots: Details:
  10. Hi all, I´m using the last version of pagelines, and I´d like to use Museo font on titles and main text. I´ve seen the Cufon and Typekit utility, but which one should I use? is there any tutorial for this?. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi There I have tried using cufon for the first time and I thought I had it sorted as it was displaying fine on the desktop I set it up on, but when I check my laptop it was not the correct font. I have checked the Use Cufon font replacement? option in the typography PL section and entered this as the URL: https://linuxplesk16.openhost.net.nz:8443/plesk/client@813/dom I placed the Javascript file in the theme folder under this path from my site host: stimulusdesigns.co.nz / httpdocs / wp-content / themes / pagelines / js my site: http://stimulusdesigns.co.nz/?page_id=23 navbar font should look like the attachment Any clues on what is going wrong here? Thanks very much for your help
  12. Font Size

    Hey guys! I recently upgraded from Platform Pro to Pagelines. I have used Firebug a lot to make customizations. Now that I am using Pagelines, it doesn't always seem to work!? Can someone point me in the right direction for editting the font size? I want to make the Recent Post widget on the home page larger: http://www.bigskyseniorservices.org/ And I want to make the headlines smaller on the category page: http://www.bigskyseniorservices.org/category/uncategorized/ I have already tried a ton of different things, but I am no CSS pro. Thanks for your help! Jenna
  13. Hi guys, First time writing here. I just started a new site www.xkdnjzja.com, and I'd like to know what I need to do to use a Google font for the nav bar text. Thanks in advance. Chris.
  14. I am trying to change the font size of the of the headings in the sidebar, e.g. recent posts, meta etc. I have tried to do it in the dashboard/ typography but doesn't seem to change anything in the sidebar. thanks
  15. hey guys, i have been searching in this forum for css code to change the size of my headlines and delete the border arround the thumbnails on my blogroll... yes, i used firebug too this is the code i use right now: /*Change Font Size for H2 Title Headings*/ h2.entry-title.entry-title a { color: #fff; font-size: 24px; line-height:1.0em; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.15); } /* ==== POSTS ==== */ .post-meta .c_img { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #fff; border: 0 solid #fff; box-shadow: 0 0 0 transparent; } .post-meta .c_img .hentry .c_img { border: 0 solid transparent; display: block; line-height: 0; max-width: 98%; padding: 0; } .post-meta .c_img img { box-shadow: 0 0 0 #ffffff; } unfortunately the code is only working in safari...not in firefox... so when i open the page with safari...everything is just like i want it to be. when i open it with firefox...no changes appear. firefox: safari: any idea what the problem might be? thanks in advance... link to the site: http://www.agenturfactory.de/FACTORY_2012/
  16. Hello maybe changing default fonts or something, the font of Pagelines menus are now like this: This is a huge problem, because it prevents all the drag&drop functions to work properly (note the unordered boxes on the left). Any help please? Tnx a lot Dario
  17. Hi guys- Making some changes to Pocket Tactics today to accomodate an advertiser's site skin - and for some reason the site's body font is now stuck at 14 px. It was 18 before, nice and big for readability. Now, no matter what I set the body{ font-size: 20px } to, it appears tiny on my site.
  18. HI, Loving the options we're getting with our first Pagelines-based site. We're almost done, and on the last page I am running into a challenge; We are adding boxes to the "staff" page. Picture on the left, text on the right. Problem : I can not get the text in the box to be regular. It only displays as bold. http://cyclerob.presentis.ca/a-propos/lequipe/ (see on the bottom, the rest is just testing and formatting - pardon my french ) I have created this box like all the others before, then deleted and redid it to test, but the bold remains. Then I swore, then I checked the forum. Any idea what may be causing this? Thanks,
  19. Hi there, I'm having a couple problems: How, and more importantly, where do I change the font size of the items in our footer columns? We want to make the font much smaller, but I can't for the life of me find where to put to the code. I have tries the CSS/LESS field, and the footer.php. No dice. How do I tell the footer to have its own background? We want the footer to have a solid color background that infinitely spans horizontally and vertically. Right now, it's transparent. Thanks!
  20. Referencing Google Fonts

    I'm trying to insert a heading on a page and instead of useing the sitewide defaults for the H1, H2, etc selectors, I would like to insert an inline style referencing a different google font. I have installed the Pagelines googlefont plugin. I was under the assumption I just had to reference like this: <h4 style="font-family: 'Nothing You Could Do', cursive;">Your Health, Our Mission</h4> The site picks up the cursive, but doesn't get the correct Google font. What am I doing wrong?
  21. Font Styles

    Hi supports I ask about how can I change the fonts. I am using Arabic version of Wordpress so all English font style do not work , My Arabic font style still not changing . Is there any Arabic font styles ? Thanks
  22. My site http://www.kneelandmercado.com/ is displaying the font "Franklin Gothic Medium" differently on different computers. See the side by side. How do I fix this? I actually prefer the display on the right. Is it possible to get every browser to show it this way? I noticed the problem because the last menu item was spilling into a second row on the right. I had to adjust the left margin of the li to keep that from happening but now the menu doesn't appear centered on the other computer displaying the other font.
  23. Hi, I am putting the finishing touches on a website I built for a friend. http://kneelandmercado.com/ On her blog page http://kneelandmercado.com/travelogue/ she wants to use a different font. Is there an easy way to change the font family for just the blog posts? Thanks!
  24. Hello, I'd like to change "font-family" for my entire site, including site title, tag-line, all headers, p, and any other typography. I wonder which css selecter should I use to "change all" for the font-family but leave styling different among each parts or sections of the site? Since my site is in Chinese so I need to enter css myself, the typography settings is not enough for chinese characters. Thanks a lot
  25. Hello, I tried to add the following code to custom codes section but it does not work. It doesn't change the font size: p.entry_content { font-size: 18px; } I have no experience on coding so not sure this code is correct or not. I only want to change the font size within <p> within post content only. Thanks a lot Colin