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  1. I am trying to use the Font Awesome short codes as images in my boxes.   <i class="icon-coffee"></i> icon-coffee   <span class="ibox-icon-border pl-animation pl-appear pl-contrast media-type-icon pla-group animation-loaded" style=""><i class="icon-3x icon-tablet"></i></span>   Thus far, I have tried pasting the short codes into the content editor, as well as the fields for Boxes Image and Boxes Custom Class.   Not sure what I'm missing here (other than an in-depth knowledge of CSS).   Thanks!  
  2. Font Awesome cross-domain issue

    Hi,   I'm not sure if this has been raised before, I did search but couldn't find anything, and this saved me a ton of time. When mapping a multi-site site to it's domain I found the Font Awesome fonts no longer displayed on Firefox. It seems it's a cross-domain loading issue. Adding the following to .htaccess in the font directory fixed it for me: <FilesMatch ".(ttf|otf|eot|woff)$"> <IfModule mod_headers.c> Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" </IfModule> </FilesMatch> I hope it helps.   Steve
  3. In the text view Im creating the following code <ul class="icons"> <li><i class="icon-ok"></i> Lists</li> <li><i class="icon-ok"></i> Buttons</li> <li><i class="icon-ok"></i> Button groups</li> <li><i class="icon-ok"></i> Navigation</li> <li><i class="icon-ok"></i> Prepended form inputs</li> </ul> As per the FontAwesome code. But when I click on Visual view and the back to Text View in the content editor, the the code for the ticks disappears. That is this part: <i class="icon-ok"></i> disappears. Is this a bug? Is there a way to fix this ? THanks
  4. Hi, quick question about the Pagelines demo site. Page > http://demo.pagelines.me/ uses boxes to display the following topics; SEO Tuned & Social, Tons of Addons, Responsive Design, etc., under the "Professional websites for the rest of us" section. These boxes each use an image. I see that the image is set in the Box Setup Options (using upload image, etc.). My questions is; can I use Font Awesome icons (using a shortcode) instead of a regular image in this place? Screenshot attached. Thanks.
  5. When I load my page, the icons I use in the menu bar (and site-wide) start off as one icon, and when the page loads they switch to different (smaller) icons. They are also not centered within their container. The umbrella icon at the bottom of my page is frustratingly off to the right. I have tried css to get it centered, but to no avail. When the site loads and the icons get smaller, it shifts everything on the site just a little bit and it is annoying. I have tried disabling plugins and reloading, but the icons keep switching. You can see what I mean here: mattro.se/music/ - refresh the page to see the switch of the icons, and the shifting over to the right that I am talking about. Any help would be super appreciated!! Thanks in advance. -m
  6. Font Awesome

    I'm currently using the Font Awesome Icons (for my social icons) and it appears they don't work in IE8, what about 9 or 10? They seem finicky in Firefox too...anyone else having this same issue? Looks great in Chrome. test.discoveryoutsourcing.com
  7. http://fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/ I found this site. and I want to ask if you can integrate this in pagelines framwork . If not , how to integrate by myself ? Thanks.