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  1. Hi I am having trouble getting a site logo to sit top right in the header and social icons top left... It -almost- works by setting custom CSS for the logo: .section-branding .mainlogo-link, .section-branding .mainlogo-img {float:right;} and then 'branding options - social icons' Distance from the right in pixels to a large value such as 1000 (under 'site options' then 'header and footer') The trouble with this approach is that the icons can be pushed off the edge of screen when narrowing the browser window or on a mobile platform... Far from ideal anyhow. What would be a better way of achieving this?
  2. Hi, just wondering if there's an easy way to wrap the text in a paglines box around the image? Floats don't seem to work as the image isn't inside the text div. (Or maybe I'm just floating the wrong thing!) No live example I'm afraid but it's a standard box setup with image on left.
  3. Hi. I'd like to move a single nav bar item to the right. this is what I have: li#menu-item-114{float:right;font-size:18px;color: #225e20; font-weight:bolder;} li#menu-item-114 a {float:right} .navbar .navline li#menu-item-114 a {float: right;} .navbar .navline li#menu-item-114 {float: right !important;} However, the above isn't working. Any thoughts? I just want one menu item on the navbar to float right. I don't want to use margin as it will mess up in responsive mode. Quote MultiQuote Edit
  4. My brain is fried and i'm sure this is a simple fix, but my mind just wants to sleep... I'm trying to replace the branding section with the universal sidebar and a text widget to get 3 divs floating side by side. But for the life of me i just can't get it to work. Any suggestions as to what i did wrongs? http://cloudcomputingnewyork.com/dev/ Thanks
  5. Installed the CSS lite plugin for the menu and have it running, only problem is I want the menu to live above the social media icons in the header but in trying to float the UL of the menu div to the right I'm not getting anywhere - an apparently simple operation that I'm botching, any advice? Sorry to ask CSS beginner here live site at www.irishlitsoc.org
  6. Hi Folks, we are working on a page. IE 9 and IE 10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari looking good, but there are lots of errors in IE 7 and IE 8! The settings in Pagelines (latest version). Branding and feature should be on one line and above the nav, the jquery menu with search field beyond - the footer should float to the right. Just have a look on the live link above - with a normal modern browser and you'll see... It could have something to do with the float bug in IE 7, unfortunately i'am not a code ninja! But i need one. thanks for any ideas... edit: its seems to be a larger problem ... http://www.pagelines...rowser-testing/ i am using IE Enhancer and Modernizer Plugin but that fixes only some problems...
  7. Something is happening with my site. I made the box red so that I can debug it but I cannot seem to find out why the text is flowing outsite the box. Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to learn as well as fix the issues and I suspect it involves clearing a float but not sure where. Any help is appreciated.