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  1. I am trying to make the standard nav bar for my site mobile friendly. You can see it here: http://www.paragonpe.biz I am also trying to get rid of the title "Paragon Pest Elimination" in the fixed nav bar area, center the phone #, and change the font color to white. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Sarah
  2. Managed to upload the Simple CSS but seems to only work on the Classic Nav Bar. I found the following thread for changing text, hover colours etc : (http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/17985-navigation-text-colours/?hl=change+menu+text+colour) but this doesn't work so I would really appreciate any help on changing the Text Colours of the Fixed Nav Bar - they are currently whitish/grey and I would like them Blue. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am trying to redesign my site and thought I may try the Fixed Nav Bar. However the title for my web site shows in the Fixed Nav Bar which I don't want. I have checked that I have the Branding section active in the Drag & Drop settings for the Header Section (from reading the forums I understand this should stop the title from showing ..... ? is that correct?). I have initially simply deleted the the Page Title in the WP Settings-General section but would like to know if this will affect any search engine queries or if there is another way to hide the title. Thanks Richard
  4. hi all. i'd like to make some changes to the full width fixed navbar. i'd like to reduce the height. this would require removing or changing the height of the rectangle behind my text link, and any padding in the searchform. it will probably be too small/narrow for the search form, actually. how can i put the search form somewhere else, i.e., on the same line as the site title, and to the right of the social icons? thank you! suzy
  5. Hi, I can really need your help with this. I would like to insert a translation plugin in the fixed navigation bar, to show in there multiple languages. Is it possible? Many thanks in advance.
  6. I updated recently to Pagelines Frameworks 2.3, since then my website's fixed nav bar and regular nav bar (below the header) are not working properly on some versions of Internet Explorer. The issue is twofold: 1. The fixed nav bar at the top is visible; however, the links on it to other pages on the site are not present. 2. The nav bar under the header is not visible; links and all. My machine's IE 9 is showing everything fine. The computers with IE 8 and down are having the issues listed above (other browsers are showing no problems). My question is the following: How can I make these two nav bars work more consistently with Internet Explorer? I would appreciate any assistance as the content on the site needs to be accessible for it contains timely and important information to the people in our community; especially at this time of year. Best, Robert http://www.charlottesvillevolleyball.com