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  1. I am using flickrapi plugin to do a flickr slideshow for each page. check out: http://hfsir.com/connieantoniou/ I want to reduce the space between the nav links and blog roll. I first applied: .cycle-wrap { height: 400px; } which bumped up the "Prev Next" links. http://screencast.com/t/MUgFaEYe6 I have tried every variation for the div class, but nothing works. I dug through the php and javascript files but I couldn't spot anything that made any sense. Firebug is telling me the object is element.style. that tells me that its javascript, am I wrong? Is there a better plugin for this I haven't found yet? any ideas would be helpful. party on, wayne.
  2. successful changes in firebug do not result in successful changes in css. The changed elements look perfect in firebug but do not result in changes to the page when entered verbatim in css. specifically, I'm trying to change the font size and background color of the title bar on the videopress video here: http://www.clearheartcoaching.com/