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  1. Dear Pagelines team, I am trying to change info in post metabars on the Filtering section post loop page. I can determine the metabar contents in the global settings (Site Options - Blog and Post - Full Width Post Meta/Clip Metabar). But Filtering section apparently overrides the global settings - it only allows Date and Author or nothing in the metabar. I'd like to look at the section's function.php - if it has such - to see if something can be done about this. But I can't find them. I can find php files for the theme and for the plugins, but not for sections. Where should I look? Thank you for your help - and patience. I am still finding my feet in the land of code. Yours faithfully, Jan.
  2. I am trying to use on a "Filtering" Section on bilingual website. Everything works fine except the words "Show All", "Prev" and "Next" could not be translated. How can I fix that?
  3. HI there. How would i go about filtering different areas of a portfolio Eg: All, photo, design, movies to only show the ones you want when you click on the menu name? Thanks.