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  1. Hi Nick, Please see link. How do I populate that text in the first field (the one with the scroll)? http://flagstonesearchmarketing.com/website-design-portfolio Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have a question. My client wants to adjust the header in a certain way. A logo, displayed on the left (standard) and in the right top she wants a calleble telephone number and email (a callto: and mailto: link). She also needs to use a different social icon as the ones supplied with pagelines. Now of course it's possible to replace i.e. the Google+ icon with the icon of the needed platform and fill in the correct address in the site administrator, but what I'm looking for is a way to add additional social icons/links to the ones provided. Can anyone tell me how I should accomplish these two things? See attached bitmap Tia John Lasschuit
  3. Hello, I want to show the content of a custom field in the post metabar. Is it possible? Is there a shortcut?