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  1. Features Thumb Nav

    I would like some information regarding the features - Thumb Navigation - Upload Feature Thumbnail (50px by 30px) is it possible to change the size of these images to 110px x 50px would be very much appreciated. thanks
  2. Hi, Sorry to bother you on the weekend but please can you tell me; is it possible to make the features open in new tab when the link is clicked? I may have missed it but can't find anywhere how to do it. Cheers, Lesley
  3. I'm working on a new version of our youth site: cboqyouth2.wpengine.com is the development site. On the home page, we'd like to have two clickable images on either side of a features slider that contains a few embedded videos. Accordingly, I've used the sidebar-content-sidebar layout, and added the clickable images to each of the sidebars through widgets. Next I added a Features section, hoping that it could fit into the content area between the sidebars. Regrettably, it seems as though the Features section fills the entire width of the content area, obscuring the clickable images below. Is there anyway around this? I poked around in CSS a bit, but could only get the size of the videos to shrink - the container for the features was still full-width. If not with the Features Slider, can the TwinShot gallery or another option provide this? Thanks for any help you can offer.