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  1. On my website - http://kungfuinsights.com After upgrading today, I am having a problem with black background on features. This is the same / similar problem posted here - http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/22005-feature-background-black-with-framework-23-upgrade-using-iblog/ The features all have "black text - no feature background-no overlay" selected. However, the text is white. And the background is black. Custom CSS is only body {} I tried Batman's first recommendation (see link above), and CSS was: body {} #site #feature_slider #feature-area { background: transparent; } This resulted in a white background, a shaded border, and strange outline white font. So, I tried adding Batman's second recommendation above to this, making the CSS this: body {} #site #feature_slider #feature-area { background: transparent; } #feature_slider .fcontent h1, #feature_slider .fcontent h2, #feature_slider .fcontent h3, #feature_slider .fcontent h4, #feature_slider .fcontent h5, #feature_slider .fcontent a { color: black;} #feature_slider .fcontent { color: black;} This resulted in a strange super-saturated black grainy font. Can someone help? Is there any way I can make the "black text - no feature background-no overlay" function work again? If the primary function is broken, I'm happy to hack it all up with CSS to make it work. But can someone help? I just want the font to look normal, and not a super-saturated strange black font. (I also want the border to go away. But I can address that in a different thread... First thing is first.)