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  1. Mashup Feature

    Hi, I have seen a mashup type section in the shop of Pagelines, here is the link. http://www.pagelines.com/shop/ It on the left with the title'Products Tags'.     I was wondering if there was a plugin available to do a similar thing with Posts and Pages depending on how much they are viewed. 
  2. I have an "is this possible" question.   First, the tech stuff. I'm using PageLines 2.4.4, and will switch to DMS when it's available. My clients site is hidden behind a Coming Soon page, but I don't think you need to see the site. I'm pretty good with html and css, can do "cut and paste" php, and am poor at javascript.   Background: My client hired me to build an online catalog. Products for sale will each have a blog post, with one of a couple dozen categories.  My client wants a "slideshow" of photos of products in that category on the autogenerated product list page (the Blog template). The list of "Living Room" products should have a different slideshow than the "Kitchen" list, etc. These photos will not be the featured images on posts, but other images that will only be in the "slideshow".   I would like to use Feature Sets for the photos, with a different set for each category. This will make it easy for my client to add/change the photos. I'm willing to use a different system of displaying images, if that works better.   My Question: is it possible for the autogenerated Blog template to use different Feature Sets based on the Category used for the Blog posts?   Example: A customer selects "Living Room" to see the autogenerated list of products for the living room, AND a slideshow of photos of living room stuff. The customeer then selects "Kitchen" and sees the autogenerated list of kitchen products AND the slideshow contains kitchen photos.
  3. Hi   I am working on http://version2manometer.wpforalle.dk.   On the frontpage there is a feature. But the H1 font is a bit of a mystery...   In Safari it looks like this: http://screencast.com/t/ImF7EEzQtJVP In Firefox like this: http://screencast.com/t/6OscvthkYhRJ   I use the PageLines Googlefonts plugin and the font, Titillium Web, is set to Light...?    Is there anything to do or is a matter of accepting this? I thought the webfonts would show up the same in every browser?   Thank you :-) Bolette
  4. Greetings, So im trying to achieve a slider that will show a picture on one side a text on the other. I was using the Feature section but it wont do exactly whats needs for my client. There is a few things i cant seem to get to work correctly. I can center the text just fine on the feature but need to have arrow navigation to move from slide to slide. The entire site is going to be slide based so everything is on slides. So I really need a good solution for this. I could easily just do an image file but then the SEO is gone from each page. I have been trying anything possible but i cant seem to figure it out. Any suggestions? Different sections to use? Thanks in Advance Current Site http://radpreview.com/ADG/ http://d.pr/i/kzCm - Slide 1 http://d.pr/i/e7P3 - Slide 2
  5. hi. I just downloaded the new pageslines template and there is what looks like a feature slider with page lines Branding on my homepage that I cannot remove. The website is that www.makerspace.com. I've searched for the graphics, the feature slider area, the template area, the template for that individual page and I'm utterly stumped. I need to get it off the page. Parker
  6. Hello, I'm trying to find the best way to place a feature slider next to a universal sidebar. I've made the slider 70% width and the sidebar would fit but I don't know how to put it next to each other. Aniy help would be appreciated! richmondgyn.com Best, Kelli
  7. Push all content down

    I'm trying to find a way to push the content on ALL pages down, without effecting the nav. So if there are features, or boxes, or just text I want it further down the page in relation to the navigation. Everything I've found on here just seems to deal with one aspect or the other. Do I need to pad the navigation on the bottom? Or?
  8. How can I get a full page gallery view of my photos? I want to post a gallery in a post, showing max size in the computers window when the gallery opens. Should be a thumbnail view at bottom, or just arrows to move to next photo in that specific gallery. Really need help with this one!
  9. FYI, after you upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, the Mobile Menu plugin for PageLines breaks the feature and makes things stack on top of each other. I had to take it off of one of my clients' sites at www.Stefonik.com. Can you fix that and issue a new release so that I can put it back? It was pretty slick.
  10. Sorry for the newbie question but I'm racking my brain trying to figure this out. The "feature" image used to resize automatically when using a mobile device (or making browser smaller) but I changed something and now the image does not resize. Everything else resizes accordingly except for the "feature". Any help appreciated.
  11. Hello everyone, I know whitehouse is deprecated...but if there's someone who could help that would be great. I have setup a twitter account reference in GLOBAL OPTIONS and in the location where it would display the twitter feed, it shows "NO PUBLIC TWITTER MESSAGES" ...this is not the case as the account is PUBLIC and I've just posted a new tweet to it...how can I troubleshoot this? Thanks john
  12. My Web Site: www.NeverTri.com I have created a Static Page as my Home Page I want to use full width Images that will scale to display 100% across the majority of pc screens. I have uploaded four images which have being sized to 1920 x 893. They display perfectly on my desktop monitor but they are trimmed on smaller displays such as my laptop. How do I ensure they scale to full width without losing parts of the image? Thanks, Rob
  13. Feature slider on IE8

    I am working on a site at http://heislerind.pingandreply.com. I have a feature slider displaying on the home page that is working on Safari, Firefox and IE 9. However, when you view the page using IE8 the feature slider is not displaying properly. It does not display the text overlay and the image is not sized correctly. You see a grey background bordering the image. Does anyone know what could be causing this and is the feature slider compatible with IE8. Thank you - chules
  14. Feature background

    I've been trying to find a way to make the feature background transparent or white on a website. Here's an example of one of the pages: http://drtanyapeters.com/home-page-test/ I'd like the background behind the photo and text to be all white. I've tried using this bit of code I saw in other answers to this question: #site .section-features .fcontent { background: transparent; } But it hasn't done a thing. Running most recent version of Pagelines and WP.
  15. 2 Features display parallelly

    Hi there! I want to make 2 or 3 feature display parallelly together. Anyone can help me, please?
  16. Hi :-) I am working on site where I want a feature on the homepage with 310 pixels heigh. On the suppages I want to have a much smaller feature - only 140 pixels high. I put 2 features in the Drag & Drop header and wanted to reuse this code provided by Danny (used on another project - worked just fine): http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/23735-different-sizes-on-features-in-header-and-content-area/ But I can't figure out (or see in Firebug) which selector to use - I was hoping I could put one set of the above mentioned code for the "normal" feature and another set of codes for feature # 2? :-D Bolette
  17. Hi :-) A few days ago I got help with using features in the header - and showing it in another size than the other features on the site I'm working on: http://bedreweb.dk/boeprojektnov12/ (http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/23735-different-sizes-on-features-in-header-and-content-area/). Now I would like to be able to show different headers/features according to which category? So whenever you see a post in category xyz you see the xyz-feature in the header.... :-) Bolette
  18. Hi :-) I am working on this site: http://bedreweb.dk/boeprojektnov12/ I would like to have a full width feature in the header only 200 pixels high and a narrower (but 380 px high) feature in the content area. But I can figure out the selectors? :-D Bolette
  19. I'm having trouble getting rid of a black line which appears at the top of the feature slider on my homepage: www.irishlitsoc.org - any ideas why this appears? The line appears in Chrome but not in Firefox
  20. The feature slider transitions are getting hung up occasionally in Firefox only on http://rjakes.com. Some slides only appear for a second, some transition really slowly and get stuck in a half fade, and it changes from round to round. I've not seen this before. Anyone have any ideas? Perhaps it's a local problem? Thanks!
  21. I have been working on a website over the past several months via a development program on my desktop. When Pagelines version 2.3.5 came out I attempted to upgrade on the development site. Everything went well with the exception of my feature image disappearing. Instead of my feature image I can only see the green background. Here is what I have done to narrow down the problem area: I tried to re-upload my feature image. I tried to change out my meta settings as well as my specific home page settings. I removed my custom code for the feature area. I removed my plugins temporarily. None of this has helped, so I went ahead and uploaded to a holding site at http://wengermarketinggroup.com to see if you guys can take a look at it and see if I am missing something. Thanks in advance for the help!
  22. Hi, I use Pagelines Framework. I have a feature on my homepage. The feature has photo background and white text. In chrome and firefox the text is readable because it has transparant support color. In Internet Explorer that support color is absent and the text is not readable. Where and how can I fix this? Second, how can i change the style for the text in that feature? Thanks, Kind regards, Floris
  23. Hi everyone, I'm building a site (www.asecolab.org) for a very high profile client in the info security industry...nope this is not a question about SSL or backdoors into Pagelines...but about the Feature Slider. We've been through a zillion iterations on this section of the homepage already (including IMO a v nice implementation of Bearded Avenger's Decker widget). The client likes the feature slider widget on http://cps-vo.org/group/SoS'>http://cps-vo.org/group/SoS and would really like to have the same behaviour on ours. i.e. onmouseover on the Feature thumbnails pauses the animation and brings up the relevant slide. Move the mouse away and animation rolls again. I'm not a PHP (or CSS, or JS) coder...is there a tried and tested way to do adapt the existing code? Alternatively, is there A another widget out there with this behaviour and B how to bring it into Pagelines? The project is seriously high profile in the world of cryptography etc...I'm stuck and need help, and will certainly credit any serious help with this on the site. Summary www.asecolab.org Feature slide) ... wants to have same behaviour as the one on http://cps-vo.org/group/SoS'>http://cps-vo.org/group/SoS I'm using 2.3.5 Pagelines... Lemme know if you can help out, N
  24. I have images on flickr that I would like to have fadezoom as a feature image. Is that possible?
  25. Feature - Size Issue

    Hello all, I am using the feature section on my homepage. I want the slider to be taller (428px) so I made the adjustment in CSS. However, when I view the page, the additional 48px are left unfilled or the previous slide fills the area. Though, when I right-click to inspect element, the CSS seems to kick in and the image fills the area. Why would this happen? http://imgur.com/d9D6t Thanks in advance!