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  1. Regarding the feature sliders at this url: www.heartbecoming.com   I need to be able to credit the artist for the images directly at the images on my website.  It seems like the cleanest way to do this is to add hover text to the images with the name of the artist.  I can't seem to figure out though how to add the hover text to the image.  Images displayed in posts and on pages use the title as hover text so that is workable.  Please advise on showing hover text for feature slider images.  Thanks!   Thessa
  2. I've tried disabling all plugins and erasing the custom code and this problem persists as you can see in the attached image ( the max. size per file is way too small by the way ). Please help.
  3. Ever since the last update my feature slider doesn't load correctly and the images run the length of the page. Not sure how to really trouble shoot since the problem is intermittent. Screenshot here: https://docs.google.com/a/roycreative.com/file/d/0B4wI3jhXzisCeUpic3J6c3VmM0E/edit?usp=drivesdk
  4. Is there a custom way to make the Media Area, not the Full Size-Feature Background Area of the Feature Slider clickable? I like the way the text are is clickable when using only the Media Area for the image, but it seems to be more intuitive to have the image clickable as well. At least for me because I am using a jpg of a Vimeo video as one of my images. Thanks Pagelines Framework 2.3.4
  5. Please, make the following options switchable in iBlogPro5 options: #feature_slider #feature-area { background: box-shadow; The background should be switched off to »none« by default. That way the beautiful grey and white design with box-shadow shows up. It matches perfectly with the iBlogPro5 design, I think. And if it is switchable, you can easily come back to the regular framework design with black canvas.
  6. I would like to adjust the image-to-text ration for the feature slide to allow more space for text, and allow me to use square image. (Unfortunately, we lost our images so until I get new ones, this is my best option) Please help! Test site is up here:
  7. hey there, we are now using the feature slider on our website: www.agenturfactory.de unfortuantely, the loading time of the website went dramaticaly up since then. am i right guessing the feature-slider loads ALL of the features at once? since we are using 51 slides/pictures, this might be the reason its taking that long?! furthermore the background image of our website always shows up last. until then, the page background is black. is there any way to change that order? thanks in advance
  8. When utilizing the Design Style settings for the feature appearance, The setting "Black Text - No Background Image - No Overlay" remains in a gray patterned background with white text. Is this a bug or I'm I missing some other more global settings? http://www.moebiusdigital.com/?page_id=46
  9. Please excuse me for not being able to figure this out. I have tried to find the information everywhere and I think I've watched every screen cast on the feature slider as well as read the docs and I can't find what I'm looking for. I need to be able to adjust the margins and format the text on my feature. Right now, the title is almost in the middle of the feature, and my words run off the page if I have a static height. When I change to aspect ration height, all my text will show up, but the margins are huge. I need to be able to adjust this. I'm sure there is a simple answer. Thank you for your help.
  10. Feature Slider Height

    I would like to use the feature slider to display a full size photo, however whilst trying to find the best way to do this I've come across a problem. The problem is that the Feature Slider initially displays with a very narrow image, then refreshes to display the larger image. This also happens with the default-features set. http://www.andyogden...v/feature-test/ As I understand it there are two options to change the height, fixed isn't suitable as I want the page to be responsive. That just leaves aspect ratio, which works exactly how I want it to once the height adjustment is applied. As per a similar thread, I've removed all custom CSS and disabled all the plugins to no effect. I would just like the page to open with the slider set at the correct height straight away Can anyone suggest how this could be done? Thanks Andy
  11. We have a site here: fredortho.com Everything was working fine with the feature slider/rotator until I activated the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. Immediately after that the slider stopped working and no longer transitions. No other changes were made. We're using the slider to pull in posts from the "General" category. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I'm trying to add in Custom Code some css to the feature slider so that the main text displaying below the slider does not display for mobiles as it will always obscure the image. Don't mind if the feature slider title text still displays. I've tried a few tweaks on existing forum posts for related queries, can make the feature slider disappear without prob but not just the text - any help? I've taken out the tweaks now as i wasn't getting anywhere: www.irishlitsoc.org
  13. I want the feature slider to extend all the way to the edges of my content area, but nothing else so I still want padding on my text, etc. Is this possible?
  14. I can't seem to slow down the feature slider. I have the settings on Timeout: 8000 and the Transition Speed: 3000 and it still seems to put about 5 seconds between each slide. Am I misunderstanding the the 8000 should = 8 sec?
  15. Hello I am looking for a way to change the background image on my home page every time the page refreshes. I have found a few plugins (not Pagelines plugins) but there are a couple problems with them. Mainly the one that I found (Background Manager) disables my feature slider on the home page. Very frustrating b/c it is a great plugin otherwise. So I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a Pagelines plugin that will do this or of any other plugins that you think will work. Or I suppose if you have any suggestions as to why the Background Manager plugin is disabling my Feature Slider, that'd be great too. I'm stuck on this one. Thanks a lot!
  16. Hello, I would like to have my feature slider set at 636px wide, to allow the primary sidebar right next to it. Is there any way to do this? Please and thank you.
  17. I've just upgraded my site to 2.3 - and the style that I had set for my feature slider on the homepage has changed from black text no background to the white version - which is not what I want. Please help. I saw that someone else has had this same problem and haven't seen a solution posted for this. Can someone help before I downgrade back to the previous version of Pagelines please? I'm a designer - can't have my site looking silly! Thanks.
  18. Hi, I changed height and width of the feature slider with the following code. But now it is not responsive any more. How can I fix this? http://new.langoncolombia.com/ #feature-area { border: 2px solid #ffffff; } #feature_slider { width: 850px; } #feature-area, .feature-wrap, #feature_slider .fmedia, #feature_slider .fcontent, #feature_slider .text-bottom .fmedia .dcol-pad, #feature_slider .text-bottom .feature-pad, #feature_slider .text-none .fmedia .dcol-pad { height: 330px; } #features .content { width: 880px; }
  19. Is it possible to reveal the feature slider overflow? For example, with a horizontal scroll, showing the other slides on each side of the active slide.
  20. I can't find the css selectors to change the box behind the links in the feature slider. It looks like it's .fexcerpt but it shows no background image or style. I really want to just have the link be a color which I did (and tried to fix the background with "none" but it didn't work): #feature_slider .fcontent, #feature_slider .fcontent a { color: #a9d130; text-decoration: none; text-size: .85em; line-height: 1.4em; background: none; }
  21. Can anyone think of a method that would add a section below featured slider to show blog roll? Also can I show posts within featured slider, like last 5 posts or featured posts? Thanks in advance