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  1. Hello guys, Well, I hope someone can help me with this. I've been trying to find a solution for more than weeks and here I am... The thing is: I have a fanpage for my website with more than 140k fans. As every website owner I share links from my website on the fanpage so as to get more traffic. Eveything seems to work fine. However, for theses fans who make use of Facebook App on their iOS (whatever the version is) something weird happens. Everytime they try to open a link I share, the Facebook App builtin browser shows a blank page. So, these guys cannot read what I share and it has been terrible. I've had a look at other websites and everything works fine. So, I guess this might be something related to iBlogPro5 (the theme I use on my website). To avoid this problem, I've been telling my readers to click on that icon that asks them whether they want to open the link on Safari (or any other browser they may have set as standard). Can someone please give a hint about that? What might seem to be the problem? Is it a code on the them? Is it a Facebook App thing? Anyway, any help will be more than welcome. Thanks, Denilso.