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  1. Video in fancybox linking box features

    Hi there, someone know a plugin or a way to have a video in a fancybox.. just by clicking on a linkable box? Link is this in the box: I try Easy Fancybox plugin but redirect external.. no fancy...
  2. Hi Everyone - I recently upgraded from Platform Pro ver. 1.3.5 to Framework 2.3.2. For the most part the ver. upgrade was smooth however several plugins utilizing lightbox / fancybox are no longer functioning. I can switch between frameworks, plugins work as expected in Platform Pro 1.3.5 but do not in Framework 2.3.2 - My primary concern is a plugin called You Tube WPress ( http://yougapi.com/p...youtube_wpress/ ) which works fine in the ver 1.3.5 but does not even show up on page in ver. 2.3.2. See http://wodfanatic.com/crossfit-videos/ currently using Framework 1.3.5 - Also noticed lightbox effect used by NextGEN Gallery plugin goes not work when using ver. 2.3.2 - Also Pagelines Feature transitions effect does not work for me in ver. 2.3.2 It seems like anything utilizing a lightbox / fancybox / transitions effect does not work for me when switching to updated framework. ANY IDEAS anyone? Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. I have installed Jigoshop in Framework. My shop is working great, as does the fancybox built into the shop. Now I want to add a blog along side the shop but I want Fancybox to work on those post images too. Does anyone know if the plugin called "Fancybox for Wordpress" will work along side the fancy box in JigoShop without breaking something?